December 15th, 2004

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Can she make the transition?

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I realized not too long ago that the "most clever" bit of my user info is going to become obsolete in a matter of days.

The good parts of the past weekish have been:
My Last Choir Class:
We were, for some reason, treated to cake. I won't miss Vespers or the idiots, but I will miss singing very much.

Happy Lunch
While I was working on a piece, my ceramics teacher and his son went out to grab sandwiches, and they got one for me.

Barrel Firing Pots and Results
We put Jim's experience, Willy's welding, and my research together, and thus completed our first barrel firing. I was a little disappointed with the results; glossy magazine photos had prepared me for pots only gained by practice and time that we did not have. Because the barrel was not packed as tightly as it could have been, and because we let the fire burn down quickly, it did not get very hot, and the pots became very dark, with very subtle subtle gray/cream variations. Blending oil pastels onto the surface and adding a coat of wax brought out the natural effect that the fire had, and made them more appealing to me.

My Last High-Fire
I completed my last high-firing on Tuesday, and like ending choir, it made me feel quite lonely. I hope that whatever city I wind up moving to has a strong fine arts presence ... I would love to pick up singing, dance, and clay again some day.

FRUiTS for my Final
For my Fashion in Art History class, we had to dress up and write about our costume. Predicting that the 20s and the 70s would be popular decades for my classmates (and they were), I decided to try my hand at the FRUiTS style of the late 1990s.

All the major garments were pulled out of my closet (the white underdress with the hood is actually an old Princess Leia costume from middle school or so), and the accessories bought on sale ... the entire thing was assembled in two days. Had I more time (and the fabric), I would have liked to break up the white expanse of skirt with pink/orange plaid panels.


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