February 8th, 2005

pine tree princess, analytical, fanciful

running after you in black chiffon

I have one wish; I choose it every time someone reminds me that it is 11:11, or that the clasp on my necklace has come to the front.

On Wednesday, January 26th, a company out in Pittsburgh called me and invited me to come in for an interview. Though no one was really entirely sure what the company did or if I'd be happy doing whatever it was, I was quite thrilled by the opportunity and immediately agreed to an interview that Friday. After I set the phone down, Reality came to have a little chat with me. It reminded me that Indiana is rather far from Pennsylvania, that I cannot drive, and that I had no place to stay. Short-term logic would have had me rescheduling the interview, but long-term emotion said, "Well, I have to go anyway."

This post is mostly Friday/a few other moments of note ... a more reflective entry is in the works.

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