March 14th, 2005

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New chair smell?

Greetings, [Representative of Company/Company Name]

My name is the Geeked Avenger, and I am currently on a crusade to save America's dying abilities. Like the forests, oceans, and icebergs, sanity is a precious resource. Over the years, an outer-environmental awareness developed, a consciousness that recognized flora and fauna, and kept them safe in parks. But most individuals are not aware of the dire straits in which America's "emotional environment" swims, and frighteningly, there is no national aid immediately available for sanity. It is imperative that we step forward! Our nation long ago outsourced our native patience, and as a result our remaining qualities are quickly dwindling in quantity. It is up to us retain what we have, by responding to sanity's plea. And so, I reach out to your company's great compassion and undeniable funds. Your donation to the cause does not have to be great, for the hiring of even a single Midwestern, newly relocated superhero can preserve untold amounts of America's endangered sanity. I enclose my qualifications as a Sanity Conservationist for your perusal, and hope to count you as an ally in facing this challenge.

The Geeked Avenger

How I wish I could actually use that on a resume! But if I cannot make my resume pink, I cannot have a sense of humor either.


Here I am, sittin' in a new room, in a new city, in a new state. I submitted my info, such as I could recall, to a personnel hiring thingiemabobber, with which I have an interview early next week. There is a Career Fair this weekend that I hope to attend as well. Final efforts for tonight include feeding my resume to various little monsterlings on, in the hopes that at least one o' 'em will go somewhere.

My room is still messy. One problem is that without the futon as an anchor and a surface to back things up against, I am running out of "logical furniture space," but still have items yet to place. I could easily make my room look like Gene's Animal Crossing house, in which all items are simply dropped on the floor until you can't get in your house period, but I'd like to avoid that end for as long as possible. And so it is that I am left holding two floor lamps that lack a spot to sit but cannot be tossed or given away, as they still work and I will need them when I move again. I also have more books than I have bookshelf space, and more ceramics than I have flat surfaces. This situation will require some pondering. Hmm, I wonder if that lamp can go o'er there ...

Finding a space for all my clothes is proving a most daunting task. "Go through them and give some of them away," you say, but I already did, and given my habit of putting laundry off 'til the very dead last minute, I actually do wear everything I retained. Such a quandry! Much folding is in my future.

Marvin saw yet another "upgrade" last night. I managed to install a wireless card in him all by my lonesome, a feat which I am fairly proud of. Nothing was destroyed, and aside from the fact that he seems louder than normal (but not in that bad vibrating way), it's all good.

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