January 29th, 2006

hear me, chased, roar, flailing, warrrgh

I am a single-person Bermuda Triangle.

Re: Andrew Lloyd Weber's Phantom of the Opera, THE MOVIE

The Phantom's hair is very thick and luscious (and oiled like nobody's business) until the end when he is revealed, when suddenly he is missing fur from at least half of his head, and what remains is stringy and mysteriously gray. So does this mean that the Phantom employs the combover technique? Is there a magical toupee attached to certain of his masks? Is it a wig? But then how to explain those beautiful sideburns of doom?


Well, I can officially say that the ivory underrobe qualifies as a learning experience. Not only did I learn about/implement the French seam, I also apparently (and very unwittingly) invented a lazy person's version of a rolled hem.

Everything was going fairly well until I hit the collar, whereupon it became clear that some size adjustments I had made were erroneously applied, and I also became completely flummoxed about how to attach the damn thing. I really don't think there's supposed to be a seam where I've got one, but there it is. (I also managed to make the material spiral in spots, which would be a pretty cool technique if I remembered how I did it ... and if only it was supposed to be that way!) This robe will definitely have to be remade in the future, but I would like to get the other essentials completed before I return to it.

I am saved for the time being by the fact that this is worn under the red kosode, so most of my errors will be hidden from a casual glance ... and for what can be seen, at least I matched my thread properly ... in effect, my errant seams are slightly disguised.

For such a small workspace, I lose things an awful lot. My measuring tape and marking tools wander off most often, though my tape is bright teal and should be fairly easy to spot. The chalk, I can understand. It was my last piece and rather small ... guess I should get more tomorrow!
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