May 14th, 2006

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It seems foolish to be in denial about an escape, doesn't it?

For a while there, I thought I could be a casual player, one who logs in every now and then. But FFXI is a time sink, and you can't really progress without participating in the world on a daily basis. Plants require your attention at least once per day, so you can't garden at all if it's just "every now and then." Since it takes a shitload of EXP to level as you get higher, you can't advance at a discernible rate if you do not put countless hours into the process. Then, how does one obtain money or good gear if one does not participate in time consuming quests or farming? (Last year, Sleepga II cost over one million gil on the Fairy server. It was either that or doing weeks of questing to get it!)

Being a "career black mage" was fun when I had no job in real life, but now ... I have no in-game drive, and subsequently, the casual approach got thrown out the window. I simply never play. There is little point in paying for a game that just sits there, like it's been doing for the last half year while I convinced myself that yeah, I was going to log in eventually. I've realized that no, I'm not going to log in, or if I do, it won't be for very long ... and there are definitely other things I would rather be doing with my money!

So today, I finally canceled my Play Online IDs and uninstalled FFXI ... in theory, for good (especially since I had to update for over an hour to do so!). Hobbies change, and while I am still a gamer, my MMORPG era really does seem to be over.


Hahahaha! I think my father just tried to avoid paying for plane tickets to the wedding on the grounds of being an Internet idiot. I told him I'd email him a Travelocity tutorial, and talk him through it if he needed. Evasion denied!

In attire news, I obtained a pair of cute (and fortunately on clearance) shoes yesterday. They'll bring me up to a grand total of five foot six, which I hope will make me look a little less like an angry midget when I stand next to my tall cousins.


Found this on my desktop, and I had to share.

abiona (5:58:30 PM): Sure it's a good excuse ... when you run out of tape.
silvermask (5:58:46 PM): We have some kind of tape quote don't we?
abiona (5:59:00 PM): The chances by now are pretty high.
silvermask (5:59:08 PM): Yes, we do
silvermask (5:59:13 PM): "This is going to take a damn lot of tape"
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Things you once collected and now you can't think of why.

From the Books of Anne, we bring you "Project P."

The ultimate goal is to obtain Sufficient Work and Savings in order ensure a Big Move to Satisfactory Housing in Second City. Sufficient Work is currently defined as employment/similar stress load in Second City with a paycheck that meets or exceeds current earnings. Satisfactory Housing is something that is not falling down on my head and is located in a reasonably safe neighborhood that is either 1.) close to public transportation, or 2.) close to the area in which I have found Sufficient Work. It must have one closet. It would be beneficial if laundry facilities were located on site.

I should, perhaps, clarify where I am coming from. I am set on this path unless a better opportunity elsewhere should present itself. I would like to visit and explore more in order to make sure that Second City is indeed an improvement over New City, but any discoveries from these efforts may or may not change my mind. Why is this, you say? Past history shows that a decision is made and then the justification is thought of. For example, I decided to move to New City before I thought I was going to attend school here. Furthermore, when I did take up residence in New City, I had only a week or so of knowledge about my new home.

The only thing permanent about the New City move was "never going back to Soy Capital." Since I no longer wish to go to an institution of higher learning here, I do not see much of a reason to remain. I have long wished to move to a larger metro area, and Second City is an appealing choice due to its relative proximity. Any nearby cities to the west suffer from a significant disadvantage that is known as "Ohio." Though the rest stops along the toll road there are very neat, I am not a fan of the state, and do not wish to reverse course by going back in the direction of Soy Capital.

I have never heard of a city with unanimous approval, and while I take all views into consideration, I try not to let myself get overly discouraged or encouraged by what I hear. Most people I've spoken to consider New City a hole in the ground or a very populated backwater, and thought I was nuts when I moved to New City anyway. I still get "You moved here!?" on a fairly regular basis.

I am not looking for miracles. I am not looking for an easy choice. I am not afraid, though I don't know everything.

I do expect friends who are currently located there to eventually move. It is only natural that people go on when happier situations beckon them. Should all leave, I have, in this one year, learned how to live with myself.

Yes, there is a greater crime rate. There are many more people residing in the Second City metropolitan area than here in New City, so that is to be expected. Yes, there is decay. This is, frankly, nothing new, as it has been going on everywhere since the beginning of the mass exodus to Suburbia. Yes, I will be farther away from my family. I feel confident that the branch that cares will visit still, though perhaps not as often. My father has already said that he will only visit New City if I am dying or dead, so moving farther east is of little consequence.

I do expect to see an increase in art-based opportunities/discoveries, particularly street stuff. There will likely be an upswing in activities that include other people, as well.

The estimated date of completion for Project P is currently unknown, as it depends on obtaining Sufficient Work and Savings. My hope is "the sooner the better," for now that I have been once, I want to go back.