June 25th, 2006

longing, lost

raining raining raining raining raining

My heart wants to go forward while my mind invokes Logic and holds back. It's like some force has hold of my sternum and is trying to pull me forward, and it takes all my mental strength to resist it. I want progress, I want out, I want anywhere, I want movement I want to run I want to scream I want to go go go go go. I must do something with this energy, or I will explode! Sometimes I think I feel too intensely for my own good, but I wouldn't have it any other way, as life was quite dull when I had myself convinced there was only stagnant misery.


CONGRATULATIONS etoileeyes!!!!!

In other wedding news, my stepbrother is getting hitched July 8. Rather than deal with flight connections and higher cost, my father wants me to fly into Indianapolis again and endure a three hour drive from there to Soy Capital with my aunt and uncle. Hahaha, no thanks.
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