December 21st, 2006

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puddles of flesh

I need an intervention, and no, not for caffeine! (Or chocolate, for that matter.) The holidays inspired me to get books for presents, you see, but the problem with this gift idea is exactly the same as the reason why I swore to avoid bookstores in the first place. If I go into a Borders or a Barnes & Noble, not only do I waste at least an hour wandering around blissfully, I spend money. Period. No question. So far I've always remembered to get the "book for somebody else" each time I step into either place, but I also manage to exit with about twenty dollars worth of tome(s) for myself. Before I moved to New City, I was just a casual shopper, but now I'm halfway to being hardcore ... I've got membership cards at both places. I must exercise restraint. I'm pretty sure that's a quality I possess.

I have my first New City driving lesson this Saturday morning, and I'm honestly feeling a bit worried thinking about it. New City streets are not known for their gentle curves or smooth surface, and they are sometimes like going "off road" in the Yukon somewhere, but without leaving the state of Pennsylvania or even the city limits. There's some significant construction down the road near my place, and it's the Saturday prior to Christmas so lots of oddballs will be vehicularly inclined, and and and and ahahaha okay, I'm actually scared. I'll go through with it, though, for I have sworn to do so! I was more than terrified to get on buses at first, but I managed that, didn't I? I survived a week of Hoosier driver's ed with my eighth grade algebra teacher as my instructor, yes? ("You talk a lot more than you used to," he said, probably because I immediately developed a habit of speaking to any vehicle in my field of vision.) I'll make it ... as long as they don't take me down to Crazyside.

Is there a way to remove the Parental Protection Level Thingus on the PS2? At one point some years ago, before I lost the manual to the damn thing, I actually bothered to set a numeric password, but was not smart enough to turn it off. I've got a fat old PS2, if that makes a difference.

Lenaburg, Middle of Nowhere A cow moved into town today. She would be utterly unremarkable if not for her name, "Tipper."
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