January 20th, 2008

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that anime called Gankutsuouououwhozawhatzit

"The Count of Monte Cristo" by Dumas is among my favorite books, and so I am always interested in seeing it in different forms. I finally got around to finishing Gankutsuhoweveryouspellit, and have a few thoughts on the series vs. the tome.

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All in all, not bad, but definitely not quite in the same league for me, either. I'm happiest with it if I consider it an "alternate universe" where they lifted names, surface traits and a bit of the plot, and then just went to town in a completely different direction. I do like the atypical animation style, as I'm always up for a creative take on things that doesn't involve gratuitous and glaringly obvious CG sequences. (Gankutsuou does have some of these, but I'll just look at the pretty patterns instead.)
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