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"Oh, for Prom, right?" Not AGAIN!

For the record, dear world:
I am NOT a Republican.
I am NOT conservative.
I am NOT religious.
I am NOT in high school.
I am NOT going to the big scary world of college for the first time.
I am NOT a Steelers fan.

I could probably make a living off people thinking that I am at least one of the above. I am utterly hormonally haywire right now, so this is a bigger irritant than it really should be. I need to take a walk. Actually, I need to sleep more than that.

Done. Or at least, I'm going to consider it so. I don't have a lot of time to draw, so I've been working on and off on it for approximately three months at this point ... I want to doodle something else!

Every time I think I'm going to spend the evening cleaning my disaster zone, I wind up reading instead. (I am currently zipping through "Dracula" while trying not to spend too much time thinking about how Stoker portrays women.) It's not like anyone is going to visit me any time soon, which seems to be an annoying trend with my places of residence. First I was too far out in the boondocks, then too far out in the soy, and this time, I am in the wrong half of the state/country/universe.

... no. No. This is a very bad excuse. I should clean. Not only is my current location my choice, but this messy state of affairs will only get on my nerves sooner or later. Can't blame other people for not traveling when you cannot do so yourself. Cannot complain about tripping over stuff when you leave it in your path.

What is the difference between getting established and getting stuck?

My mind has not been completely under my control. I do not wish to think about a particular subject, yet I cannot seem to stop myself from fruitlessly contemplating it. Bad brain! Cooperate!

In Animal Crossing: Wild World, your town's inhabitants will become ill, one per week. They are incapable of leaving their houses during this period of time, which means that you have to seek treatment for them. This seems very suspicious to me ... I am practically convinced that Nook is poisoning my townspeople in order to force me to purchase medicine from his store.

He also built my house so that I cannot cover every square inch with Gyroids. If I put any more down, my floor will collapse. LAME!

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