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back on the upswing

The building in which I work is younger than the neighborhood that surrounds it. Its construction required the destruction of several homes and possibly warehouses, as a result, streets that once kept going in a most logical fashion now abruptly terminate at the perimeter of the compound. A coworker and I were attempting to navigate these thoroughfares that do not follow through not too many weeks ago. I thought I saw a spot of color, so I noted the nearest intersection down on a scrap of paper and hoped to come back later.

I snuck out at lunch today and ventured to the place. I did not see anything at first, but all I needed to do was take another few steps ... and I am very glad I did, for I found something awesome! Once I climbed into the weed-filled parking lot, I could see that every brick within human reach had been covered with art. Alas that most of it is in such poor condition now, for there is more effort in these pieces than in much that covers New City!

I have some shots of the whole wall for my reference, but as usual, I like the more closely cropped pictures better. These photos feature a lot of peeling paint and powerful colors.

Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch

Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch
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