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I could not be present to witness the revolutionizing of the world at Anime Next, so I hoofed it around New City.

The Art Festival concluded this weekend down at the park where the rivers meet. It turned out to be one of those affairs where "if you have to ask how much it is, you can't afford it," so I spent my time admiring purple glazes and sparkly glass pendants while trying to avoid eye contact with the artists at all costs. After wandering around and paying for overpriced fair food, I discovered that the local children's museum had, earlier in the Art Festival, encouraged youth to make bright paper mache sculptures of monsters. The little neon spiders scattered around seemed a bit of an afterthought, several of their creations were at least my height, and one was several feet taller. Awesome!

As I began to wander back into downtown, I ran into a Gay Pride Parade. There had been no sign of it a few moments prior, but there it suddenly was, marching along at a good clip. It was definitely planned, though perhaps not heavily advertised outside of its communities, for I did not notice many in the audience at first. With many major streets downtown blocked off, however, captive viewers eventually piled up, somewhat like silt. A couple of less than enthusiastic locals attempted to make smartass derisive comments to me, but they could not elicit a similar response, for when I was not taking notes or attempting to run further up the parade route, I had my camera out! I wanted to tell one of them to loosen up and live a little, but I did not think that would have gone over well, so I kept my mouth shut.

I had no idea that we had such a large drag queen community in New City, but there they were, blonde and brunette, with hair and glam piled high. I felt really bad for the ones who were walking the route in five inch stilettos, but there were a good number comfortably ensconced in convertibles.

I am sure Gene would be pleased to learn that there is a Leather Club in New City, and that should he choose to join it, he can march in the parade wearing naught but tight leather pants and a vest, no matter his physical state. Whether he should do this or not is another matter altogether. I am all for supporting others in doing what makes them happy, but my eyes paid dearly for this that afternoon, for most of the men should not have been seen shirtless, and no woman yet dared.

I need to figure out a way to harness a six pack of bottled water to my back! Though just short of broiling, it has been rather uncomfortable outside, which has added a new challenge to my wanderings. (While I have been in New City for over a year, I did not do much last summer.) Not only does it test my endurance, I've noted that after I've been walking for a good period in the heat, my hands will become swollen, sometimes to the point of making it somewhat difficult to operate my camera. Strange.

Art Fest Art Fest Art Fest Art Fest

Art Fest Art Fest Art Fest Art Fest

The only ones I vaguely like are artfest02.jpg (though it will not stand up to inspection as a large sized print, due to bad focus) and artfest03.jpg. artfest05.jpg is terrible, but I shared it anyway because it is one of my favorite streets/intersections in New City. Whenever I look down that road and see all those buildings so tall and closely spaced ... it seems not quite real, like I'm looking at a gigantic painting, not a real downtown. The strange "otherness" effect is only enhanced at the beginning and end of the day. Finally, artfest06.jpg features the one-legged pirate pigeon! Arrr!


I am concerned by the attitude displayed by Livejournal's design team. When I read through their journal, I consistently get a potentially negative vibe. It feels that while they care enough to listen to us, they are not doing so with an open mind ... that is, they think they already know what's better for us and for Livejournal, and so while they are going to let us rant, they are not going to pay much heed to what we say. A discussion without meaning, for its conclusion has already been cast.
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