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22 June 2006 @ 06:12 pm
smells like mustard  
I think they hired Mr. Sweaterly. The good interpretation: Mr. Sweaterly started as a temporary employee with Cave Inc. before I did, so they might be working their way through the temp roster. The bad way to look at it: if they hired him, they have clearly gone insane. He must have some virtue that I am just incapable of seeing, much like I cannot shatter my brain into the million pieces required to understand his organizational system.

I have begun work on another doodle, though this one involves no background and is therefore much less ambitious. Nairohe recently sent an email my way, which got me to thinking about things we used to participate in together, like the Final Fantasy RPG, where I played two characters. One, Abiona Apara, was a major plot point and also capable of dissolving concrete through sheer angst power. The second was a gal by the name of Essa Jissu, a red-headed, straightforward swordswoman (original, I know) whose characterization suffered greatly as a result of my depression at the time. Essa came off as ridiculous, not confident, and I never could quite seem to get her willful attitude down pat in writing.

Since I found her so problematic to play, I only drew her once, back in October 2001. That is what this doodle is based on. I'd show the original to you, as it does still exist, but it truly is a horror, and I cannot believe that I thought I could draw back then. Technically, Essa should be wielding some sort of rapier-esque weapon, but alas! Though five years have passed, I am still as incapable as ever of drawing a straight line, and since a squiggly sword doesn't look quite as cool as a regular one, it may never see ink. I have a feeling this doodle may make a good doodleicon once it is colored (which it hopefully will be, as she never has been). I don't remember why her ears are downturned.

It's funny that doodling is now such a momentous occasion that I must write about it whenever I commence. The habit used to be so regular, so daily!

It has occurred to me that I am "that" dependent. I use it too much, and it is not really necessary. I should work at polishing my speech so it becomes as proper as it once was ... it would probably do me well to remove "dude," "dood," "approximately" and "apparently" from my regular vocabulary, or perhaps just restrict their usage. At least I have miraculously avoided picking up the New City accent!
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proctorsilexproctorsilex on June 23rd, 2006 04:38 am (UTC)
it ain't easy picking up an accent
mr. sweaterly might be incompetent, but he is one among many. they are borg.
do take solace in knowing that you are capable of higher standards for i have a sinking feeling that such people are ubiquitous.

do you have a specific plan for avoiding the use of that word, particularly that word which i am not all that directly mentioning?
i somewhat like to play with "that that" for cases in which the second word thereof is optional and seemingly redundant, though, that is rather idiotic.
Fishkayay on July 3rd, 2006 04:57 pm (UTC)
Nairohe emailed you?! O_O Wow, considering she rarely talked to you in the past few years, she still must be pissed/bitter at me for "the incident".
One Who Wanders: optimisticabiona on July 4th, 2006 03:50 pm (UTC)
I dare not inquire as to what "the incident" was, but maybe she'll email you too. : D