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Oh, swell. The elephant moved in right on top of my flower bed.

Wow! So, not too long ago, I was baffled by the existence of houses that seemed to be accessible only by a set of narrow steps. I have since found a couple of these mysteries in much closer proximity to the Attic. It turns out that some of the stairwells are actually considered streets and alleys! This is probably the cause of the questionable condition I find some of them in, but how cool is that!? Oh randomness, how I love thee. Not only are the stairstreets wonderful in their own right, but there's some decay tucked in on the mountain ledges as well, and some steps descend into nothing but greenery. I must go back when the weather is more favorable.

And now for an Animal Crossing Awesomeness Newsflash: Gulliver, our favorite sailor who couldn't swim ... is now an astronaut in a shiny UFO. Oh hell yes.

Doodle update. I can no longer remember her original color scheme (if ever there was one), so I shall make something up. I will probably modify this icon later ... depends on whether nor not I like how the original progresses. Damn, people, three new doodleicons in one year!? I'm on a roll! I kind of want to make her outfit just for the heck of it ... but I'm not sure how well I'd cope with my rear end hanging out at a con, as such a thing flies in the face of my Fanboy Deflection System. I'd need a bodyguard ... wearing Leaf at Otakon that one year taught me that, as I had fanboys zooming all around. That white fabric is earmarked for Rosalyn, anyhoo.

My brain is too fried for deep meaningful whatchamacallit. Cave Inc. is apparently holding a baby shower tomorrow for its prenatal participants, but ya know what? The bosses never mentioned it to me, so I'm not going. Saturday is mine!

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