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This year more than any other in recent memory, I've had to deal with a staggering amount of relatives ... or at least, more of them for longer periods of time than I would prefer. It's not as though anyone in my family is inherently very irritating, it's more a matter of tolerance level. Since I'm usually quite alone and so on and so forth, my level is very low. Thus, I am on relative overload. I've had enough of them and of parties and parents' friends and so on, thankyouverymuch. I think the three-hour car trip with my father, my grandmother, my grandmother's oxygen tank, and my grandmother's less-than-intelligent dog was the beginning of the end of that sanity ... and unfortunately, that was indeed merely "the beginning." ::ominous music plays::

But don't worry, I won't torture you with the tales of my family and all their assorted and associated oddities. ^_^; ::quirks::

Yes yes, onto the gifts. Once again, my now tested and true practice worked like a charm. If you want a particular something for Christmas, ask for that thing, and that thing only. Yes, just one item. If your parents are anything like mine, they feel somehow guilty about there only being one thing under the Christmas tree ... so you're bound to get that one thing you asked for, plus something extra.

I managed to connive my way to a digital drawing tablet in this manner. The Intuos2 comes complete with a cool pen-thingiemajigger (which has its own matching penstand) and a cordless, ball-less mouse. XD Fun stuff!

I also walked away with:
1.) Gameboy Advance. (I asked Grandma for the Gamecube by Nintendo ... I think she saw "Nintendo" and bought. "Gamecube," "Gameboy," lol ... only a difference of a few letters.)
2.) "Lady Sia," a game made specifally for the Gameboy Advance. Rather inane for the most part (and according to the instruction manual, Sia will eventually be able to turn into nothing less than a Sasquatch), it still has its moments. The way Sia uses her sword to climb up on the ledge is pretty nifty (even if I imagine it must be pretty tough on the blade) and her sprite is cute ... but she can't swim, for Chrissakes. She can slice, dice, and throw magic, but she can't swim. -_-;
3.) A 40$ gift-certificate to Borders, a bookstore. XD This makes me very happy. My aunt and uncle used to give me stuff like fake Vera Bradley bags until I couldn't fake joy anymore, whereupon they switched to gift-certificates like this, which always produce good results.
4.) Money. Not as much as I had hoped for (and not the domain name startup money which I had asked my father for), but I guess it's better than nothing, no? I have to decide whether I'll put it in the "Startup Fund" and somehow try to "save" more money, or whether I'll tuck it away in a corner someplace for A-Cen.
5.) Utena DVDs, specifically the first one for the TV series and then the movie. Overall, I think I prefer the character designs for the TV series (wavy hair? Utena? That's too ... too floofy!) ... I liked the Anthy of the TV series much better than her movie counterpart, but I must admit that they drew Touga-san veeeeerrrry prettily. (Random statement which is spoilerish, but doesn't make any sense at all unless you've seen the movie, so I guess you can kind of read warily, if you so choose ... Utena makes one hell of an ugly car. Yuck! /end random statement) With Fairybane's help, I've concluded that the movie is set in a sort of alternate universe, since I can't quite place it in regards to the TV series ... anybody wildly passionate Utena fan know for sure?

Well, that's the really good stuff, worthy of keeping. Other than that, I now have so much Cucumber Melon body lotion that I don't know what the heck I'm going to do with it all. Plus, I now have bubble bath, but I only take showers. o_O; Somebody gave me a candle, but you can't take those to school, 'cause they're a fire hazard ... lol, great no? ^_^;;

While I'm thinking about it: Gilly-kun, a few members of my family and I might be heading into Chicago on Friday. I'm not sure of anything yet (despite the nearness of the supposed date), but I'll keep ye posted. ^_^

I was going to type up some stuff on cosplay that I've been finding, but after all that ... ::points up:: ... I don't think I'll torture your numb brains anymore, at least for the moment. ^_^; ::sneezes:: Somebody gave me a cold for Christmas ... I'm honestly so very thrilled, but can I please have the reciept?

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