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Jujuly at the Graveyard Grill

Whatever the irritant in my left eye was, it has thankfully stopped fighting for its life, and I am much happier. Centuries from now, archaeologists will exhume my body and find the remains of that stupid whatever it was embedded deep within my skull.

The only thing planned for today was visiting the tailor, but as my eye was no longer bothering me, I felt up for more.

Jujuly Jujuly

I was originally looking for a scribble somewhere that said "If Ghengis Khan khan you khan!," or something like that. I did not find it this time around, but I did locate the second main entrance to the cemetery last mentioned here. I had been unable to complete a walk through of the grounds that day, as it was terribly hot and I was not equipped with water. Since it was a bit cooler and I had some H2O with me (though not as much as I would have liked), I decided to see what I had missed last time.

It really is a beautiful cemetery. The rolling hills, plethora of Victorian obelisks and monuments and the less than perfect groundskeeping give it a very romantically melancholy air. A number of the crypts had stained glass windows in them, something I had not noticed before. Not all were in good shape, however. The place is so large that maintenance seems to be done on a "what needs it most" basis, and if relatives are no longer alive, the urgency to fix certain things is reduced. It was very difficult to get good shots of these windows, as the protective (plexi?)glass/plastic encasing was amazingly dirty, and of course, I did not have access to the chambers themselves.

Jujuly Jujuly Jujuly Jujuly

Jujuly Jujuly Jujuly Jujuly

Jujuly Jujuly Jujuly Jujuly

Jujuly Jujuly Jujuly

I also noted that the older parts of the cemetery seem to indicate a practice of burying family members together in a circular formation, something I have not seen elsewhere (granted, I do not make a point of visiting these sorts of places, so my range of knowledge is limited). Near one of these, I discovered a dual pond system that had escaped my attention before. It looked a little ... gross, and much of it was covered in green goop. Clearly the budget goes towards keeping the fountain nearby running!

A short distance away from the swampy pond, I discovered something unusual. Robert, though he had been long gone, had made a friend. I had no idea that groundhogs were that huge ... if it had charged me, I would have lost both ankles!

As I began to recognize territory covered in my last visit, I heard music. There were increasing numbers of people wandering around, so I had to investigate further. It turns out that the neighborhood that adjoins that side of the cemetery has its own historical society, which was putting on an event called "Doo Dah Days," complete with a handful of Civil War re-enactors and a costumed band. There's nothing quite like seeing a guy in an ivory top hat and long tails playing the fiddle.

Favorites: jujuly15.jpg, jujuly18.jpg, and maybe jujuly19.jpg. I wish the lighting on the rose was stronger in that one, but I like it otherwise.

I'm kind of torn on the backlit effect on jujuly09.jpg ... while her face is completely shadowed, few features were actually there, so does it really matter? I do like how she is returning to the natural stone she once was, and I think how shadowed it is helps to communicate that. I couldn't decide if I liked jujuly10.jpg or jujuly11.jpg better, so I included them both.

I do not know if I like taking pictures in graveyards. There is challenge in trying to get different/good shots without a ladder and without insulting anyone alive or dead, but ... it feels really hard to mess up with such Classical statues, even when they're in ruin!
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