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Today was supposed to be Day Two in the Search for Ghengis Khan, which really sounds like it should be some sort of cinematic, overly dramatic documentary with lots of gratuitous actors and CG sequences on the Discovery Channel. While on my third bus of the afternoon, I saw something I had never noticed before! Or at least, I thought I did, so I grabbed my camera and retraced my commute.

As it turns out, there is a mural tucked away under a really decrepit underpass. The roadway is in rather bad shape with potholes galore, severely cracked asphalt, a missing truss, water and salt damage, and bent guard rails from people taking the turn too fast. It even displays a "state maintained road" sign just so that the Universities and New City can blame someone else and thus avoid the embarrassment of its condition! The mural itself is mostly intact, only peeling away from the wall where the road above it gives little protection from the elements. It has been there since 2000, so it is odd that I never ran across it before ... but better late than never, right?

Mural Mural Mural Mural

Mural Mural

I think I'm going to be one out of two people who shows up at Cave Inc. tomorrow.
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