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I should tag this as "AC:WW," "Dumb Ideas" and "Orlando Bloom," but I'm lazy, so "geekery" will do.

1.) I just obtained the Golden Slingshot, which lets loose three bullets at one time. When next I see Gulliver's UFO flying in in the sky ... he is going down.

2.) Why is a work by Cezanne the "perfect painting" ...?

3.) I resolved to catch the mosquito before it could cause me to lose the shark. Only problem was, I couldn't see the mosquito very well, so I missed when I swung my net ... I hit the ground and scared the shark away.

4.) Drift, a very scary looking frog from marisolita's town of Hyrule, decided to prove that nothing, not even my closed town gate, could stand in the way of his moving in. Should I be worried that the two jocks in my town live on the same small island?

5.) I believe I am only about fifteen bugs short of the Golden Net!


A long time ago, when Advent Children was still in its infancy, nyxdae and I decided to make a parody of it entitled "Advent Egg," where the entire cast would be played by (you guessed it) eggs. (See this masterful sculpture by nyxdae in order to grasp the scope of our plans.) Because I have been playing Animal Crossing way too much today, I have further refined our ideas: I want to make a terrible crossover known as "Advent Children: Wild World." Alas! I have never seen Advent Children, so the fandom is saved from that bad idea. For now.

In "Pirate Preparation Week," Ziti has been sporting a nice pirate hat, and I recently re-watched the first "Pirates of the Caribbean." I have come to the conclusion that my first assessment of Orlando Bloom's acting abilities was not fair. He has four expressions, not three! His face functions somewhat like a more attractive LJ mood theme, where one major mood can be taken for any number of things depending on the context. His "Intense" face, for example, can be used for Angry, Romantically Troubled, Concentrating Hard, Just Fell Out of a Helicopter and Confused.

No fireworks for me, darn rain.
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