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I present to you "Stuff I Found in Indiana!"

Featuring BUGS!
Indiana Indiana Indiana

Indiana Indiana Indiana Indiana Indiana

Indiana Indiana

Indiana Indiana Indiana

Indiana Indiana Indiana

Did you know that in order to take Annestyle photographs, all you have to do is zoom in so far you can't tell what the hell you're looking at?

I like the bug ones and perhaps indiana09.jpg, but the rest are rather dull. With the exception of the random shiny metal sculpture, the architectural details from the 1887 "Tippecanoe" Studebaker mansion, and a most singularly dinky train station, everything can probably be found outside the Hoosierland. Flowers are like that, and insects certainly don't stay put. I bet I could take pictures for flower bulb catalogues. Some dude attempted to sell me developing equipment, but where the hell would I put it?

I must go to work. I may write up the course of this weekend's events at a later date, or I may not. An outdoor wedding in shadeless July? It's a test of everyone's love and patience! As far as trains go, I have decided that the crazy singing Spanish ladies weren't so bad, for at least they were good-natured.
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