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13 July 2006 @ 10:12 pm
"The Wannabe Supreme" or "math paranoia"  
Let it hereby be resolved: current stupidities, if impossible to eliminate, should at least be reduced. If I am angry, let me turn that energy on things I can change.

For several months, I was repulsed by the idea of analyzing my income at all, mostly because the memory of $00.00 and the unpleasant recollection of retail using me for $6.25 an hour remained very strong. It's not that bad in comparison ... it's not that bad, I kept on saying to myself. But being so in the dark about my own budget has gotten on my nerves, so I have vowed to take a closer look at what is going on.

Let us say that it is a quiet week at Cave Inc., as it has been since the chaotic month of May came to an end. I will generally "work" around 37 hours, though as graphics-related material has mostly dried up, I fear that many of these hours are actually spent zoning out while attempting/pretending to do data entry. They do not seem to know what to hire me as, so I am still an employee of the temporary agency.

Theoretical Income
$10per hour
$370per week
$1,480per month
$17,760per year
Received Income
$298per week
$1,192per month
$14,304per year

Percent of income received: approximately 80%. Yay taxes!

Potential Guesstimates
$375Current Rent
$80Cell, Rounded Up
$10Domain Cost
$60Bus Pass
$70Land Line**

*Now offered through the temporary agency, and at present they employ me regularly enough to make it possible.
**Loosely based on Mr. Dance's fees of 2005.

The list above does not include utilities because I do not currently pay for them and subsequently have no idea what those would amount to. This leaves me with $262 extra for books, covering medication costs, miscellaneous, cosplay, sanity trips and savings purposes (or utilities). Dance or art classes would sap those free funds dry in short order. A vehicle would be an utterly impractical debt machine, as I do not think this amount could possibly cover insurance, gas and maintenance.

I live where I do because my family knows Mr. and Mrs. Dance, and rent is accordingly cheap. Unfortunately, the least expensive apartments elsewhere around here seem to be in the $500 dollar range, which would bring my "total" up to $1,055. This would reduce my leeway to $137 per month.

It is an interesting situation. I am torn between moving to a new place in New City or biding my time in The Attic until I change the county I reside in. I fear becoming bound any further here, but having the ability to stage a move from New City alone, rather than from Indiana and my current location, would be most beneficial. It should reduce the amount of stress and drama that will ensue when I at last remove my belongings from my father's (and perhaps worse, my grandmother's) grasp.

Next up: going through 2006 expenditures to see how closely they match the guesstimates listed above. This will also be useful for seeing what I can cut back on ... I am sure that caffeine and chocolate consumption could stand to be limited. But that task will have to be accomplished tomorrow. I have been so drained this week ... at this hour, I am no match for even simple columns without my calculator, which I cannot find. My math whiz days seem so long ago!

Thursday Thursday Thursday Thursday

All three pieces are new additions to the exterior of an unused building but a block from where I work. The first has an optimistic message uncharacteristic of the area, so I'm wondering if someone from the vegan co-op down the street put it up there? The cookie is ... a cookie.
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S   t   e   f   a   nstefan_ on July 14th, 2006 05:56 am (UTC)
It's kinda unfortunate you can't piggyback on an existing wireless
Internet connection... I would have ditched the land line altogether
by now in lieu of Verizon's rate gouging.

Staring off into space at my workplace is usually reserved
for the all-too-frequent speakerphone instances when I'm left
on hold for potentially 20-30 minutes by plenty of absent-minded
folks from other departments within the University's microcosm...

The third photo's stencil reminded me of Captain Midnight, that
patron saint of Ovaltine promotions during the late 1940's...

One Who Wanders: shadowedabiona on July 15th, 2006 12:05 am (UTC)
Dude Count: Only Two!!
I know of a couple places that offer free access to the Internet, but the thing that makes me wary is that they cater more or less to undergrads at the Universities ... so I imagine they're pretty dorm-esque in atmosphere. I am only a year and a half removed from undergraduate status, and I don't remember dorm life to be too bad ... but I definitely tend to get cranky if I can't have a bit of peace and quiet after a certain point. >.> The number of discarded cups and cans I see on campus leads me to believe that there is a party-hardy culture that I'd run into a bit more often than I would like.

But if that turns out to be the cheapest option, well, hell. It's not forever.

Admittedly, I do not use the land line here very often. I never answer it, as I got kind of freaked out after we received a call from some weird dude who was calling random numbers, pretending to be a telemarketer in order to pick up girls at local bars.

There is no phone jack up in the Attic, so when I call folks, I generally use my cell phone.

But despite those things, I can see the advantages to having a land line. These mostly lie in my cell phone being inadequate for conversations of any duration ... it tends to lose charge fast, so I'm bound to an electrical socket. Plus it's like holding a hot rock to your face after a while!

I think the sound quality of a standard telephone is also higher ... but I have an out of date cell, so I may just be out of the loop.


Do the people who put you on hold have music or little speeches about their department? (Those always tend to distract me ...)

Why don't you call them back after five minutes or so? Has the zoning already begun by then, making it too late for that?


Is it weird that I've never tried Ovaltine? It seemed to me that there was no good excuse for passing over a glass of chocolate syrup with milk. But if they had a cool dude like that for advertisin' purposes, well, I may have to change my tune.
S   t   e   f   a   n: Basara Kubikiristefan_ on July 17th, 2006 01:49 am (UTC)
Re: Dude Count: Only Two!!
From my understanding of it, there is an utter lack of elevator-worthy
muzak across the phone infrastructure on account of the Augustinian's
wishes/meddling. In keeping with their dull, utilitarian habits as
resident "monks," of course...

I happen to enjoy the entropy of analog silence. It's rather amusing
at times. Email is far more efficient(and preferred) for a certain chunk
of the Univ. staff, whereas I don't mind rattling off details via chatter.
Perhaps I dig the angle of exchanging ideas with others outside of my
specialized domain.

I sincerely doubt I could provide this monitor you speak of with a
suitable home. Nevertheless thanks so much for bringing it to my
attention. My apartment is sorely lacking improvised space this summer.
Have you considered craigslist's Pittsburgh section as a last resort...?

One Who Wanders: meditativeabiona on July 19th, 2006 02:05 am (UTC)
Kind of random.
Details via chatter: if given a choice, do you prefer phone conversation with colleagues, or face-to-face time? Does anyone actually come visit, or do they all call from their cells of the not-phone-kind?

I'll take a look at Mr. Craig's List, thankee.
One Who Wanders: thinkageabiona on July 15th, 2006 12:12 am (UTC)
Almost forgot!
Also, do you have any use for a slightly wonky and huge but color-correct monitor? I don't know how I'd get it out to you, as the contraption weighs a ton, but if you or someone you know could bring it back to life or new form, you're welcome to it and its parts.

The top third of the screen does/did this weird black/white strobe/static effect, making it impossible to see menus and such. I can't bring myself to toss the whole thing, though. It shows color so nicely!