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What Would Genghis Do?

The local transportation company has evidently decided that the multilingual collection of "Welcome to the Neighborhood" phrases has gotten old, so they have switched to little rhymes, puzzles and sentences promoting public transportation. The latest one I saw claims "Battery power equals better babies." Say what?

The anchors on the Weather Channel seem to have gotten a lot dorkier lately, or perhaps after last year's environmental mayhem, they just don't know what to do with their airtime when it's only heat and not a hurricane. After one dude in a tie fanned himself on air with a stupid smile and a flat joke, I suddenly missed the old fellow with the huge white mustache. I turned off the T.V., as there was nothing they could say that I did not already know.

I am no stranger to high temperatures, so I tried to wait until late in the afternoon before I went outdoors ... but I don't think it made a damn bit of difference. I successfully relocated Genghis Khan despite the broiling atmosphere. He was on the side of a defunct Chinese restaurant, only a block or two off from where my memory had it placed! I do not know how long the structure has been out of use. Various artsy people have taken over the surface at one point or another, and the neighborhood likes the parking lot ... but food is definitely no longer served! It's a bummer, because they had a picture for Genghis Cones ice cream.

Genghis Day! Genghis Day! Genghis Day! Genghis Day!

Genghis Day! Genghis Day!


And here are a few shots of Earl Grey in the sink. After witnessing his total failure of an attempt to leap from cabinet to fridge, I figured I should take a couple shots of him looking cute. Hopefully this will somehow soothe his wounded kitty pride.

Cat in Sink Cat in Sink Cat in Sink Cat in Sink
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