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The worst itch in the world is one that is in your ear.

Tonight found me digging through my game drawer, hoping to find something that would prevent me from suffering through another round of FFX-2. Though I am an ability system addict of the worst sort who likes to complete all abilities for all classes, a trait which draws me back time and time again to that game which burns, there's only so much magical hotpants dressup one can play in a single year before one begins to tire of it. I have also reduced myself to classes which 1.) I dislike the look of or find useless, 2.) refuse to obtain, namely the obscenely hideous Lady Luck*, and 3.) had only time-consuming redundant skills left to master ... that is, Mascot class can learn Ribbon for a whopping 999 Ability Points, but I have a shitload of Ribbon accessories, so what's the point?

*Lady Luck is not only ugly, it is a gambler class. Worst of all, you must win at the card minigame in order to obtain it! I hate wasting my time on card games with tedious tutorials and rules when I could be out and about killing monsters, saving the world and looking awesome.

So, on to the point here. I discovered that at some point in the past, I purchased Chrono Cross, and fate decreed that it was to be lost without having been played. Why did no one ever tell me about this game!? I so would have remembered and gone looking for it sooner! The opening song is hot stuff!

I play more PS1 RPGS than PS2, yet only have one PS1 memory card, so I had to replay the first 40 minutes twice ... as I forgot to check the save space requirements first. Whoops. On the upside, I did learn that the first sequence randomly generates the third member of your party.

The battle graphics seem a bit choppy and the battle theme is way repetitive, but other than that, 'tis been all right so far. I'm hoping combat picks up when I get a little more used to the system/badass.

As far as characters go, there is not much to report just yet. I pray that I may be able to replace the pink dog thing soon, as it speaks in a fashion that really irritates me. Don't call him "Sergeypoo," please, it makes me wince each time I read it! Everyone's weight in their profiles seems frighteningly low to me. The pink dancer chick, whose name I forget, is five foot seven and weighs 95 pounds? Er ... oh dear, that sounds a little uncomfortable, and certainly doesn't explain her figure!

I'd get Chrono Trigger now, but I'd prefer the SNES set ... which a Google search reveals to be over 100 bucks. I cannot be hardcore on this budget. Nope.

AC:WW Update: TURBAN FTW! Too bad I have to give it up in order to obtain the coveted Golden Axe. I've also forgotten how long Lenaburg has been perfect, which means my totalitarian state has a major planning problem. What is most dire about this situation is that Nook is now selling rare fish and bugs to my inhabitants under the counter, so to speak, in order to undermine Ziti's authority. Puddles, who never goes down to the beach, somehow caught a freaking shark, beating Ziti in a fishing contest. Freckles challenged Ziti to find a pill bug. Ziti did, only to find that the pink duck, who never left her house, had somehow caught one before her. "One must've been hiding in the corners of the room," you say. The problem with that is that pill bugs only appear when you smack rocks with a shovel. She has no Zen Rock Garden Kit in her house, therefore no large stones under which the goal insect might hide. It's Nook, I tell you, Nook!! If only he didn't drive the town's economy ...
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