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Oh joy of joys! Now, whenever Butch tries to move out, good riddance! Please, go, and take your ugly furniture with you!

I keep on falling into every trap in the known book. This is vaguely reminding me of someone's character in the Soy Capital D&D campaign, the one who couldn't keep his hands off buttons and levers. I knew I shouldn't have pressed the button, but I did so anyway. Should I have fiddled around with the lock without knowing the combination? Judging by the hole I fell through as a result, no, probably not!

I'm not really feeling connected to any of the characters just yet. There has been little in the way of development thus far, and while they all claim to be friends, I am not sure how they arrived at that state.

One never gets to read Serge's response to anything that's happening around him. This may make him seem a complete waste of air, but I find that it enables one to have free reign in interpreting his actions. You essentially get to create his personality, for there are no undeniable statements in text to steer one way or the other!

I can't figure out if I like Kid, or if I just don't care. What I don't like is how people who leave your party take the Elements they had on them with them. When she was poisoned, I had to save her, because she had my only Revive Element!

This smooth magician man floats around. How cool is that? The thing that saddens me greatly is how his grid-thing for Elements is abnormally small, and it never seems to grow. I can't figure out why the game developers weakened him so unfairly. Though his Tech skill is great, I no longer use him because his grid is so limited.

Not actually in my party, but as I just dealt with the Viper Manor for the first time, still fresh in my mind. She's quite beautiful, but alas, seems to have the personality of a wet rag. She's drowning in her memories of Dario (? ... memory is probably failing me on this one), and refuses to leave the place? Lame.

For everybody's sake, put on some damn pants! Though his Head Butt attack is hysterical, he's a lousy fighter.

She's cool enough, I suppose. Right now I'm really only using her because my other options are a pink dog with a lisp and a boy in a Speedo. Who were they expecting me to choose?

The dwarves are freaking insane in this game. No Hi-Ho Choral attack is going to take me down, you bucket-wearing, barrel-clothed genocidal maniacs!!
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