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23 April 2002 @ 08:54 pm
I think my body is giving out on me. I feel as though I'm melding with my chair, and I can't quite muster up enough energy to escape the furniture. I've been moving so slowly ... Mark pushed me up the stairs in fact, I didn't seem to be progressing fast enough to suit the people behind me. ^_^; If I lie down, I begin to implode, I swear it.

Too ... stiff ... I think I creak when I move. Like jeans which have been washed in hard water but have not been dosed up with softener. Hello? Limbs? I'm really glad you're not really rebelling today and all that, but please, feel free to move soon.


I think we can safely kiss .:!Brainfuzz!:.'s supposed ... ah cripes, I was supposed to write an article ... gah, gotta do that tonight. And that other thingiemabob. ::waves hands in the general direction of homework:: --;;;; Anyway, as I was saying, I think .:!Brainfuzz!:. won't see an update this side of April. Miscommunication is a wonderful thing, don't you agree? 'tis funny how often I encounter it despite my grades in the communications courses I've taken. I suppose being in a semi-conscious zombie-like state does not further information intake.

I finally put out another oekaki today, updated Hammerspace with five new doodles, learned about some oekaki techniques, and inquired about a few more link exchanges. I discovered that Estelle can successfully kill thief bugs without getting badly hurt, which is far more than I can say for either Sakaki or Espria. I can only attack one little jumping mushroom at a time, though. Two in a row is fatal.

I need to get back into the swing of things in my little online world. There are emails which need to be deleted (one account had 882 total unread, last time I logged in), RPGs which I am obligated to post in ... oh, fzzzt. So Mag, you're leaving the FFRPG, are you? ::sighs:: I hate it when people leave anything that I love ... and especially now, when I haven't been around for so long. I feel as though I have failed to do my part and thus have either not offered you the support you needed or somehow put my duties on your shoulders. -_-

Marionette which has been cut from its strings ...
Current Mood: draineddrained