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Cake Part Two, or Recommended Skipping Material

In Animal Crossing: Wild World updates, Buck moved out rather unexpectedly, so now my Lenaburg icon is out of date. The town is still perfect despite his absence, so I suppose I did not have to call down martial law in order to get the golden watering can! Butch, who is still a cranky bastard, remains in Lenaburg despite all his prior attempts at escape.

I found a bandana for stefan_'s character, which amused me greatly.

My bug collection is more or less at a standstill until Autumn/Fall, so right now I'm attempting to improve my gardening. There had been something wrong with my major flower beds for the past week ... several perfectly healthy blooms would disappear each day with no warning, leaving gaping holes in the plots. I've replanted most flora in town except for the stuff around the houses, a process which has resulted in one orange rose. Hurray!

Nook gave me his picture. Now all I need to find is a dart set and some good aim!

Drift is just a treasure trove of dumb quotes.

"Get ready to rock, 'cause when I rock, even rocks have to rock, whee!" Drift

"Bees! Bees! BEEEEEES!!! Bees are coming, and they mean business, whee!" Drift

Daisy: Hey Drift, if you were any kind of cake in the world, what would you be?
Drift: Oh, man. Isn't it totally obvious? 'What kind of cake would I be?' Sheesh! Beefcake! Beefcake! Get it? 'Cause I'm totally muscled out to the max, whee. Yeah, there's not an ounce of buttercream on this bod, let me tell you.
Daisy: Ew! Why did you have to make me picture that!? That's disgusting!
Drift: What's disgusting about being totally buff? I'm just sayin' is all. I don't do all those power squat thrusts just so I can say I'd be a cheesecake!

"There's nothing more edgy than taking a role as 'Zombie Snack #4'!" Butch


I need to clean desperately, but my energy level has been super low since my return. I have overslept every day so far, and though I make it into work on time regardless, I go in feeling like my bones are going to slide out of my body if I don't sit down.

I am feeling so crowded right now ... I think I've definitely outgrown The Attic. I want more room. I want a closet, dammit.
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