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Lenaburg, Middle of Nowhere The current amount of debt is approximately 325,000, down from a painful total of 848,000. Ziti already has Great Plans © for the next and final room expansion. It will be the Culture Corner, in which one can find miniature world wonders, musical instruments, and shockingly bad carpet. She's got a Persian floor and wall ready to go, a pyramid, a Sphinx and a black baby grand piano. The gold boom box is the crowning glory thus far, and it will play the weirdest K.K. Slider tune Ziti possesses.

The Great Plan © to recreate Roswell in the main room has been scrapped. While it was quite feasible on the Gamecube version, the DS is only able to support four active Gyroids in one room at a time, which rather ruins the impression of a bunch of aliens coming to have a dance party in your living room. Plus, storage of all the extra Gyroids was becoming a problem. It broke Ziti's heart to do it, but she had to sell a few, for they were practically popping out of the drawers! She consoled herself by only getting rid of the ones she considered most annoying (the Gargloids, for example, or the Warbloids).

Approximately a week ago, in a fit of rage induced by an ill-stocked sale at Nookington's, not having a red turnip to feed Wendell with and still worse failing to shoot down Gulliver's UFO, Ziti painted the roof of the house hot pink. This nearly blinding hue seems to have triggered some sort of crazy descent into Obnoxious Land. Ziti shed her space helmet for a new candy pink hairdo, a cute red knit hat with a large pompom, and a pink outfit with giant red hearts on it. This look has no mercy for taste or teeth.

Though only exposed to the sun for approximately a half-hour at lunchtime, Ziti has also become very tan. She did not realize that her skin hue had changed until she went upstairs to harass Parmesan, who is known for being paler than clean hotel sheets.

Power has gone to Ziti's head. She recently attempted to introduce the title "Lady Z" for all villagers to use when addressing her, but "Z-dog" refuses to be eradicated. She should, perhaps, be grateful that the infamous "Sugar Z" episode has vanished from all memories but her own.


Built on funds from the fruit and fishing industries, this home has become the largest residential structure in Lenaburg, and is second only to Nookington's in terms of sheer size. Though Ziti has paid the lion's share of the debt on this place and will continue to do so, two other characters reside under the same roof and thus she can no longer state "her house." (She continues to decorate and paint without asking for any input whatsoever despite this. Her sense of style, messed up though it may be, has somehow earned the residence nearly 80,000 HRA points and a "one story house" model as a prize.)

Poll #788673 Our home needs a name!

What should Ziti call the mansion in which she, Parmesan, and Stefan! live?

Pasta Palace
Lenaburg Castle
Most Freaking Awesome Manor

Something else, perhaps?

Robo Set: (She can't give up the alien theme ... yet.)
Robo Chair
Robo Bed
Robo Clock
Robo Closet
Robo Dresser
Robo Lamp
Robo Sofa
Robo Stereo
Robo Table
Robo TV

Regal Set: (Ziti is a pretty pretty princess, but she finds the Lovely Set revolting.)
Regal Armoire
Regal Bed
Regal Bookcase
Regal Chair
Regal Clock
Regal Dresser
Regal Lamp
Regal Sofa
Regal Table
Regal Vanity

Classic Set: (Ziti originally had no intention of collecting this set, but the couch was stripey and too damn awesome.)
Classic Bed
Classic Bookcase
Classic Buffet
Classic Chair
Classic Clock
Classic Desk
Classic Sofa
Classic Table
Classic Vanity
Classic Wardrobe

Exotic Set: (For the "meditation chamber" where the music is provided solely by Gyroids.)
Exotic Bed
Exotic Bench
Exotic Bureau
Exotic Chair
Exotic Chest
Exotic End Table
Exotic Lamp
Exotic Screen
Exotic Table
Exotic Wardrobe

Bonsai: (What would a "meditation chamber" be without strange habits to contemplate? It's a pity Ziti can't keep her bonsai straight.)
Azalea Bonsai
Hawthorn Bonsai
Holly Bonsai
Jasmine Bonsai
Maple Bonsai
Mugho Bonsai
Pine Bonsai
Plum Bonsai
Ponderosa Bonsai
Quince Bonsai

Lava Lamps: (Ziti's only full set ... of three! Woo!)
Blue Lava Lamp
Green Lava Lamp
Purple Lava Lamp

Finally, Ziti is declaring war on all tarantulakind. They keep on ambushing her by hiding behind trees and leaping out when she least expects it. They then drag Ziti's unconscious form back to the house and leave her lying on the cold pavement! What kind of sadistic spiders are these!?
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