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I tried to tell my body that getting up at 7:30 a.m. on a Saturday was unnatural, but then it cramped like all hell and I decided to let it do as it wished. It indicated a few hours later that it was hungry after all. I had not been to Lulu's Noodle Shop in a very long time, so since I was in the area, I dropped by to solve the feed me problem. Amusingly, the fellow who makes the milk bubble tea still recognizes and remembers me, despite the many months of my absence.

In the latest "OMGWTF" news out of New City, I have decided that I need to (re)learn how to drive and complete the process by obtaining an actual driver's license. I suppose this is proof that I get around to everything eventually ... and I do it at a relatively quicker pace when no one is pushing me about it. I'll likely still curse the existence of suburbia and all its parking lots for the rest of my life, but eventually I will be able to traverse their expanses without needing to bring a tent to sleep in.

And now for your concluding moments of geekery.

Animal Crossing: Wild World important newsflash: BUTCH MOVED OUT!! Hallelujah amen, there must be some sort of powerful deity residing somewhere in Lenaburg after all. I'm hoping that a cute octopus or another squirrel will move in. If I get another Cranky or Snooty personality type animal, I will have to assault them with my trusty (if not gold) bug net and hope they pack up as well.

Chrono Cross: Spoilerish, but I don't think any of you care. The Dead Sea was really neat. I'm a sucker for such well-designed scenes of destruction, and the Tragidienne enemies were hysterical. "I'm Richard. I'm 29. And I'm here to protest beauty pagent sexism!" Good for you, Richard. I'm gonna put all your causes to rest now, never fear.

I do think that the development team wasted their time making so many characters, which makes the personality pool seem shallow. They needed to cut down on the playable cast in order to devote more time to a smaller, more solid number of characters.

Take Grobyc the cyborg, for example. Who the hell cares about him? Why does he even matter? Not only did they fail to think of a more creative name (it's "cyborg" backwards!? How sad is that?), there's absolutely nothing unique about him. He seems to be somewhat of an anachronism, for there are no other examples of this technology anywhere in either world. He appears in a couple of lukewarm scenes (he only obeys strong ones, oooh how edgy and original!) and one very contrived event (why the hell are we running from that damn robot!? I was kicking its ass!! Why are we scared!? It's doing shit for damage! STOP FREAKING OUT AND LET ME FIGHT ALREADY!! For God's sake, we are not trapped, there's a damn switch right there, don't you remember!? Oh, wait, that's why we're suddenly acting stupid, the game designers want Grobyc save us so he seems cool ... FAILURE! HE'S STILL NOT COOL!), and then he joins up with you automatically. I had very little emotional incentive to add him ... I wanted to tell him to take a hike, but I didn't get that choice.

I am more and more tempted to add to my costume list the longer I play the game. Serge, Starky and Harle are my favorites, but I do not have any material hanging around for either Serge or Harle, and not only do I lack a giant round space helmet, I'd look exceptionally stupid attempting to cosplay a two foot tall alien in a silver bodysuit. I could not possibly pull off Lynx, love him though I do. I may have enough red fabric remnants to start Kid. I know I have red spandex/lycra/stretchywhatever left over from Leaf's bootcovers, so if I do make Kid, I am going to build some bloomers/spankies into her wrap for decency's sake ... you can't call that a skirt. It's way too short to be a skirt. [Edit: Janice! Is! So! Cute! She's another one of the no-backgrounders and is pretty useless in a fight, it seems, but she skips around! The big hands are a little weird, but that outfit is so awesome otherwise ...]

Karsh's design is very striking, but his accuracy is awful, and the way he holds his left hand in front of his waist makes me think that he's injured even when he's fine. He's a green elemental person, which makes me miss Razzly, who I much prefer. Razzly was one hardcore fairy, let me tell you. She laid the smack down with giant stars of doom.

Hell Cook = SUPER LAME. Though he predates the Wonder Chef, he could still use a couple lessons on awesomeness.
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