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Well, it's been awhile since I've selected an anime that has disappointed me (the last escapade was RG Veda ... that El Hazard thingiemabobber doesn't count, since that was John's). Surprisingly, this time it was the idolized Weiß Kreuz. Here I thought that I would enjoy it, as it has angsty fighting bish, but ... ugh. I've only seen the first two DVDs ... I pray it gets better. It's ... just ... blah. The animation quality is like that of DBZ ... sometimes it's great, sometimes it sucks. The plotline thus far is episodic in nature, with few exceptions. It's melodramatic as well. I don't mind some melodrama, but there's something about a person getting two kidneys taken and living without dialysis that reeks of girlish fantasyland to me.

Me: Whoever responsible for the outfits of these female assassins in Weiß Kruez should be shot. The designs are ghastly.
Me: This series is really mediocre. -_-;


Me: Why is it that every damn baddie in this series feels a need to lick their weapon? >.<
Friend: Shounen?
Me: Kenshin doesn't lick his sword! The theory falls through.
Me: Bleh.
Me: Ok, I can handle Aya and Omi.
Me: Other than that, they all suck. -_-
Friend: heh

::mutters:: Buttshot (not of Aya)! Fanservice (not of Aya)! Frightening hair! Clashing colors! A person who talks about herself in the third person! A frickin' lemon yellow parasol with hot pink trim and a cylindrical dagger at the end! And again with the licking the sword thing! Thank God Aya doesn't do that ... I'd have to kill him, and Bara would kill me. -_-;

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