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They are removing all the ceiling tiles in the lower level of the building where part of Cave Inc. is located. As I am the only one who now walks around with my neck bent at an awkward angle, I know this situation fascinates me alone. It is providing an unusual glance at the dropped ceiling structure! I have long said that it had to be some sort of suspended ceiling down there, as there was no other way to account for the presence of sunlight. The natural lighting was only easy to see when the florescent lights were off (and they very rarely are), so most folks told me "we're in a basement" and gone off thinking me quite nuts. Both of these things are true, but my suspicions are now proved correct as well. They dropped the ceiling a good six or seven feet, which means that a substantial portion of the area above the acoustic tile line is in fact at or above ground level. I really want to get a ladder and climb up there, but I'm sure someone else would have a major issue with the risk.

I cannot draw men. I cannot draw baseball caps either, and with the two weaknesses combined, his head turned out looking something like a peg. Note to self: would fail as a caricaturist.

Office Clean Up Day gave me the opportunity to pull out my organizational kung fu on the Closet, a welcome exercise, for not only was my mastery of putting lots of stuff away in a new way last exercised in 2002, the place was a total pit. There were a few rules, of course, such as "don't get rid of anything that looks like it might be from the old program." I was not allowed to move lots of stuff to another closet/office/anywhere else, which makes me think that should they hire someone to manage the men's program, I will be the one getting displaced. The task took two days to accomplish, but over all, I kicked much clutterass. Equipment was given to the proper department. Outdated handouts were tossed. All pamphlets were sorted through and arranged by subject. There is an archival closet for papers that might be of use someday. Things are stacked neatly. I do believe that one can actually find stuff now, should it be necessary.

I have several cuts on my hands as a result of this process. Minor injuries such as these are nothing out of the ordinary, but what is irritating me to hell and back is that I have managed to put them in very prone-to-getting-bumped-and-brushed locations, such as my knuckles. Getting my keys out of my pocket is several kinds of uncomfortable at present!


Brown? Black? How dull. What kind of colors are these for a swimsuit!? It took a little while, as boring neutrals seem to have been in this year, but I finally found a place online where the hues were unapologetically bright. silvermask advised me to stay away from the polka dots, for he felt they were too distracting (his polite term for "obnoxious"). So I went with pink stripes, which are also hellaciously obnoxious, if a little less nausea-inducing. It arrived today, and I'm seriously in love with neon all over again. Once I exchange the bottom part for one without a silly tie/sash thing (it looked cool in the picture, but after seeing it in person, it's not my style), it'll be almost perfect. I am waaaaay more secure in more ways than one with this bikini, which is most excellent ... no more worries about showing the fishes more than should be seen! I feel ten times better about wearing it, like it's a lot more me. Too bad it'll be like a year or more before I see a body of water deep enough to swim in again. But at least I'll be prepared for that day!


People keep on calling me "pumpkin" at work, which is new and rather strange. I haven't gained any weight that I am aware of, though since I decline to measure my poundage on a regular basis, being conscious of minute changes is a bit of a challenge! I believe I am as round as I have always been and I have not worn orange lately, so where is this pumpkin bit coming from...? Is it the New City equivalent of "sweetie pie" or "honey" ...?

Orange plus tangerine sounded like a very awesome juice combination, but the acid content in that mix really gives it a bite.

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