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Did you hear that sound? I believe that was my brain imploding.

Masa, Mune ... and Doreen? Huh?

Harle is gone. Cue a big emo tear right here, because I have no clue why she left. She wasn't that great in a fight, but I got attached to her regardless.

Alternate Fargo put the smack down on Home Fargo, so we were able to go rid Marbule of the weird ghost thingies by performing an important song passed down through generations. I had been rather pumped up for this concert ("Awww yeah! Music's gonna save the world!"), but I found it to be very disappointing. I knew there was some amount of idiocy to be expected in the "modern and updated" version, for Nikki has star-shaped guitars in his dressing room. But I was expecting him to sing an actual song, not recite some sort of badly written melodrama (er, sorry, "rock opera") while three girls zoomed about midair. Nikki, when you speak of consequences, the proper phrase is "just desserts," not "just deserts." Are your pleather pants on too tight? Are your suspenders restricting flow of blood to the brain? Who is responsible for the line, "Aye, manly mariner" ...!?

Oh well. We got over it. We went on with our asskicking, lame lyrics aside. I've beaten all the dragons (the Green one, who wanted to eat me for lunch, was a little gross).

I just finished up on the "Forbidden Isle," attempting to exorcise the spirit of (what looks like Garai) evil out of the not-dead-after-all Dario. This is the first fight where I've been forced to use "Run Away," and, in addition, restart to change party members (having two white elemental folks in my party vs. Dario, a very strong black elemental, was pain itself.) My second party (Lynx, Riddel, and Miki) was probably no stronger than the first, but luck was with me and Dario wasted much of his time using the Numble skill on me. Numble decreases your evasion, but that was perfectly fine by me, as my strategy never involved avoiding his attacks anyway!

I have a wee bit more respect for Riddel now, but I still don't know why she picked Dario over Karsh. Maybe it's just his painfully bland haircut that I find so off-putting ...

The only problem with having delved into the triangle of Karsh/Riddel/Dario is that the scenes took us from the island to Viper Manor, and now, I can't find my boat. I think I'm stuck. How am I supposed to get to the Fort (like I was supposed to be doing before I was like, "Forbidden? This is an RPG, 'forbidden' my ass!") without my boat!? [Edit: Found my boat.]

I kind of sort of want Serge's body back, but I like Lynx so much I think I'd rather stay in his form. I get a cool coat, a cape and a bad hat? I'm so down with that. [Edit: Never mind! The plot took that choice out of my control, although I will forgive it because the cinema was mightily cool. At least I still have a nifty bandana and some awesome shorts.]

Your townsfolk will often show you random letters they received. Dizzy shared this one with me the other day:

You'll thank me!
That horrible raccoon has
forced me into a life
of indentured servitude.
Watch out for yourself!

Dizzy didn't get it at all, but I knew it to be all too true. Damn you, Nook!
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