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the lines of communication

A simple way to help Anne translate daily conversation without any extra effort on your part is to speak clearly. If she quizzically utters some nonsense phrase, she is consciously asking you to repeat what you just said. She often uses this method because it does not spell her deafness out in words. If her response has absolutely nothing to do with the matter at hand, you may assume that she did not hear you properly. She either had no idea that this was the case, or she did realize, but was afraid to ask or attempted to make the best of it.

When revisiting your statement for her, do not yell at Anne, for that puts her on the defensive and does not render your speech any easier to understand. While it may be beneficial to slow down what you are saying, it is unnecessary to speak brokenly, as though she is dumb. The best method is to smile and kindly say what you said once again, with proper enunciation. Do not feel as though you are doing all the work, for Anne has been at this for years: you may rest assured that Anne's brain is attempting to make sense of your syllables as fast as she possibly can. Anne will often position herself so that you are either in front of her or on her "good" right side. If she does not look at you during conversation, it is probably not because you are boring. It may be because she is pointing her good ear towards you in order to hear you better.

Take, for example, this encounter from a few hours ago. As I walked up to the house, Mr. Dance, who was outside working on the lawn, greeted me and said, "The door's open." I stopped, looking a bit baffled, for what I heard was "Where's Oprah?" I asked him, "Where's Oprah? How should I know where Oprah is?" He laughed and spoke more clearly, gesturing towards the door, and I understood not to waste effort digging for my keys. A smile was all it took to communicate that he did not feel frustrated, and I did not feel bad for not having heard him properly the first time.


The injuries on my hands have mostly healed. I am pleased with how fast this process went, especially considering that one of the scrapes was rather messy by my standards (metal ledge + box with a collapsing bottom, full of heavy old files = ouch). I take this as a sign that the nutritional content of my regular diet has improved considerably in recent months. Late last year, for example, it took me three weeks to get over a simple office cold that other folks beat in a matter of days. This is not to say that there are no more positive changes remaining, but I am proud to have made some progress in this regard!

I want to take a dance class this session, as an increased range of movement and less tension-related pain is worth every dollar. Pilates was good for me, but it wasn't fun at all. Partners are recommended for the social dance classes, and I was getting a bit bored with the regular modern class ... I'm not in a ballet mood at the moment. So, I am currently debating between "Afro Modern Technique," which sounds more challenging, and "Middle Eastern Dance 1," because belly dancing would toss all my old ballet-related movement inhibitions out the window. They both sound very rhythmic as well ... always an area I need to improve. Sometimes I'm with the program, but when I'm off, I take "marching to the beat of a different drummer" to a whole new level!

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