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25 April 2002 @ 05:38 pm
Here's an interesting "conversation" that happened on Ragnarok one day when I was in the middle of the bloomin' abandoned desert and needed to go take care of my laundry for a minute. So I sat down and put up a chat for two! Rereading this cheered me up a bit.

Chat: afk, don't waste your time
(Artelia) entered.
Artelia : aww why not :)
(Artelia) left.
(G.O.D) entered.
G.O.D : i love you ^^;;
(G.O.D) left.
(Vendomatic) entered.
Vendomatic : Wahahaha wahaha!
Wasting my time, wasting my time,
(Vendomatic) left.
(Andorion) entered.
Andorion : WHEEEE
Andorion : wastime time =)
Andorion : wasting time even. ehh.
(Andorion) left.

Yeah ...

It's kind of bizarre when you walk into the school cafeteria and all you feel is loathing. o_o

::on the phone earlier::
Sakaki - I can't come to Anime Night ...
Christy - Why not??
Sakaki - I gotta make the paper.
Christy - What do you do??
Sakaki - Production Editor.
Christy - Oh, Anne! ::pity pity pity::

Yes, this makes me feel so much better about it. I don't know why it suddenly started to seem like torture when I really haven't even begun yet. I was pretty excited about the position when I applied for it over email ... I mean, it's something I'll pick up again easily, having done it so long, I don't mind doing it, and hell - I have mad credentials for it.

Ugh ... I'm not looking forward to this. This is one hell of an unbelievably massive time-committment ... I'd feel better about it if I had an assistant to catch what I missed, and I'm probably going to be missing stuff as I'll be staring at these pages for hours on end ... but no. Not enough money, not enough computers, etc. etc. etc.

I was seriously thinking about quitting before I got too far into things, last issue. And then somebody came up to me and said how glad they were to have me, and everybody greeted me nicely. Shizzam. Guilt. -_-; Argh!
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