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Man, I am not stylin' by anybody's terms today, not even my own. I am taking dull to a whole new plateau. Dumpy? I'm down with it.

Animal Crossing: Wild World needs to take a dramatic upswing for the better, and soon! Redd has sold me fake paintings for over a freaking month now, and I missed capturing the rare and elusive banded dragonfly by mere inches today, so all in all, I'm feeling pissed. Still haven't gotten any black roses. I have blue pansies out the wazoo, but I can't water those and turn them into gold ones, so they don't count. Nook's selection of home items has sucked terribly as of late. About the only awesome things that have happened recently are the hamster cage, the toaster and the ... well, wait, that's about it. Ziti is halfway through with the final loan on Pasta Palace.

What's also an AC:WW bummer is ... the internet in the Attic is messed up. My computer, Ackmoo Norbert the Mariner (or just "Ackmoo" for short), can hop on via some connection, though I do not know who it belongs to or where even it is coming from, and I've never seen it before this month. For all I know, aliens could be beaming it down upon the house! Mr. Dance's wireless network, while functional for him, no longer appears when I search for it.

My DS can detect but not use this Mystery Connection, which makes it impossible for people to get in (or for Ziti to get out of!) Lenaburg via Wi-Fi. Dang!

Spoilers, now with twice the geekery!
The New Game+ file begins with your stats from your previous game, which translates into Serge and Co. being ridiculously overpowered. I have been wiping the floor with nearly everything, save one Big Fight.

When Lynx and Serge trade bodies via the Dragon's Tear, you are forced to fight against what was your party. My lineup had been Serge, Mojo and Glenn ... apparently Kid is a required combatant, so she replaced Mojo.

Serge's element is White, no matter who happens to be in his body. Since Lynx's alignment is Black, you would think that Serge would do the most damage to him. He and Kid combined barely put a dent in me, however ... my trouble was all Glenn! Thanks to my buffed up New Game+ stats, Kid only did 1 to 2 damage per strike this time, and Serge barely 10 to 11. That's if they hit, which they did not always do. Glenn, on the other hand, was surprisingly competent and almost always hit me five times each turn for approximately 25 or more HP each! Ow!

Honestly, I was going to give up at first. I knew The Plot had my end written in, and I didn't think I could win anyway, for The Plot seriously bumped up their total HP to make it nigh impossible. I suspected their health might even be infinite! I hoped that Glenn would make my end quick, because if it was left to Kid, she'd be there forever, slowly chipping away at my 700+ HP. But in the interests of pride, I couldn't just stand there and go down without a fight, so while I took a beating, you'd better believe I dished one out too!

When Kid suddenly fell, I realized I could win this fight. I took out Glenn next, since he was the one who was causing Major Pain, and finally slammed "Serge" into the ground. VICTOLY! for Me-Lynx!

I probably shouldn't have been surprised when the game dictated I had to go to the crazyass VanGogh dimension anyway. Dammit! Kid staggered to her feet and apparently stabbed Me-Lynx before falling over once more, which caused Me-Lynx to collapse in the heap of bodies. This seemed a bit lame, as I was near full health ...

One last note on the game front for the time being: Mojo is awesome. He dances around, wiggles his butt when he uses Elements, and his Evasion capabilities are insane.
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