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"The mystical Wednesday gnomes will protect you!"

Unfortunately, the Thursday gnomes are neither mystical nor nice. They're just plain mean.

I begin the consciousness process at six a.m., more or less. Since I love to sleep, I have a system of three alarms that function as snooze buttons. Two are regular beep-style irritants, the third and final is my cell phone. I have it set to vibrate, so the racket that it makes on my wooden end table startles me to no end.

I woke up this morning at approximately five a.m., thinking that it was rather cold. My extra blankets were across the room. I debated the cost of getting up and getting colder just to get warmer when the hour of rising was so near, and decided it wasn't worth it. I plopped back down and closed my eyes. It is worth noting here that my good ear was not obstructed by pillow or blanket.

When next I opened my eyes, I asked myself that question which never ends with a pleasant realization: "Why is it so bright in here at this hour?" I peered at my alarm clock. Oh. OH. OH CRAP! It's seven thirty!? No way! My alarms!! They were on, right? Yes. My phone! My phone! It's not on the table. Where is it? Did I not put it out? It was in my hand for an hour?! Apparently, I managed to turn off all three without achieving awareness of the time.


More lunch break hijinks! I have had an abandoned train station on my list of things to visit for several months. I had multiple cryptic notes in my possession; these contained only its approximate address, so it took me a little bit to figure out what was there and why I wanted to go. Fortunately for me, the location was just within the radius that I can walk to and back from in an hour.

It is on the National Register of Historic Places, but alas, in the shape that it (and the financial capabilities of the borough) are in, the structure is not likely to see rehabilitation any time soon. A brief internet search turned up a 2005 document that hoped for potential restoration as "early" as 2015, but the place has been vacant for years and is degrading rapidly. 2015 will very likely be too late to save anything other than the outer brick facade. This is a pity, for what remains and its location tells me that it was once a bustling, striking part of the community.

I said I would never enter another place without a plan and a partner, and I stuck to that, contenting myself with pointing my camera lens in through the gaps. Time was short, anyway. The building is not very well secured, but it is located between a fire department and the busway. The roof has clearly collapsed in spots, so I'm guessing that the stability of the floor is questionable as well.

Train Station Train Station Train Station Train Station

Train Station Train Station Train Station Train Station

Train Station Train Station Train Station Train Station

I got back, scarfed lunch down in five minutes flat, and clocked in right on time. Sweet!


I want to know what is up with the sudden increase in asshat bus drivers? Is there something in the New City water? Did someone sneak glass into their breakfast cereal? The next time a bus driver leaves me behind just because they can, I think I might suffer from commuter rage.

[Edit: The moon is absolutely beautiful in New City tonight. Please excuse my poor photograph which cannot communicate the lovely dark melon color.]
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