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let the bloating begin

Various folks have accused me of PMS throughout the years, but I always took it as a joke in really bad taste. I am, however, beginning to recognize that it's really quite true. Small things, like Mr. Sweaterly unplugging my printer so he can plug in his fan, although he has a perfectly functional surge protector with several available outlets closer to him, are no longer irritating, they're downright infuriating. Stupid and impatient people really piss me off, way more than usual. While my general bitchiness at this time may not be much compared to some folks in this world, when set next to my general attitude, the difference is quite stark.


I really should just give up the purse ghost and distribute the weight of my possessions evenly with a backpack, but I always feel so weird if I only have a couple of items in it ... like I'm not using the space effectively, or something.


Arts, culture and law be damned! Nutella is the best invention of the Italians.


My mother and stepfather should be arriving shortly. Apparently he has a new camera, which means that all three of us will be shutterbugs this weekend. I finally agreed to do the "tourist" thing, so I'll be on a duck boat Sunday morning, praying that it doesn't sink ...

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