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All three Hoosiers had a camera in hand this weekend, and I obtained a few good shots. I was working on the subsequent photopost, a routine that requires resizing and editing all the pictures I wish to share, making thumbnails, uploading and writing the code. As I attempted to shove the files onto my site, I soon realized that I was getting an error ... what is this? Disk space exceeded? So I log into my control panel, and ta-da:

Disk usage: 250.02 Megabytes
SQL Disk usage: 0.62 Megabytes
Disk space available: -0.02 Megabytes

... mother trucker. On the upside, it only took me three years to max out my space! Shit.

[Edit: Hahahaha! I never did delete the subdomain ... so I had duplicates of everything up. Smoove.]

[Edit: I'm glad this happened. I had stopped checking my old email, so I never realized that my account info was outdated or something ... and the host hadn't sent me important update emails in ages as a result! So now that this matter has come to my attention, I'm getting Linelike's info all straightened out.]

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