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It's raining really hard! It's been raining really hard for awhile now, too, and apparently we're under some sort of flash flood warning ... but as I never watch the news these days, I had no idea until a teacher told me. ^_^;

So I woke up this morning, kind of confused. You see, I usually go back to sleep after my alarm goes off on weekends, so since I didn't today, I thought for awhile that today was Friday. I got up, got dressed, and went to the cafeteria for breakfast - but since it is actually Saturday and not Friday, they weren't open then.

"Grgh," I said to myself. "I forgot," which is true, because I had. I went and gathered up my materials for my presentation, and then with my nifty automatic-flip umbrella, headed off to the classroom.

We were supposed to take up fifteen minutes in a formal style presentation. I (privately) said "screw that" as I watched everyone stand behind the psuedo-podium with hands tightly grasping the edges. My subject is a far more personal one than business practices, so when it was my turn, I walked up to the front, and sat down on the table.

I then started a kind of conversation about camping and such, and places that you love ... and eventually I went into a spiel about Great Lakes history that isn't actually in my paper (yet). I forgot to mention about half the research I have done (oh well), but apparently they liked my presentation. "It was very warm and caring," says my former communications teacher, lol.

So I'm done with that. And it turns out I don't have to worry much about the school paper this time either, although I wish they had told me that last night when I was trying to sleep but couldn't because I was so worried. ^_^;

Other good things -
I looked cute, surprisingly. ::hides massive bruise::
I didn't get a run in the nylons I had to borrow! ^^;

Hmm ... also, I have a new pair of flipflops! I love flipflops. I'd wear 'em year 'round if I could.

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