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"Please remember me, for I can't forget you ... this is only fair," or, "Falling off the Ankle"

Mr. Sweaterly has passed his probation period and is now a full-fledged employee of Cave Inc., complete with company-themed umbrella and bag. I should not be so surprised that he has managed this feat. After all, employing him in the first place seemed against all common sense.


I wanted to accomplish a (probably premature) "last hurrah" of some sort with flowers/bugs, for the weather has been cool lately, and I do not want the end of summer to pass me by. I must give special thanks to my models, a fat bee and a terrified cricket of some sort, for staying put long enough to get pictures of. Though there's nothing I can do to encourage insects to a particular flower, I'm getting better at not scaring them off once I notice they're there. It helps not to block their sunlight, and of course, to not make any sudden movements.

Small Stuff Small Stuff Small Stuff Small Stuff

Small Stuff Small Stuff Small Stuff

I like smallstuff03.jpg, smallstuff12.jpg, and smallstuff14.jpg. I'd prefer 13 over 12, but alas, his leg is more in focus than his eye is. It's impossible to tell on the viewfinder-screen-thing when I'm "out in the field," so to speak.


The recent death and funeral of our Mayor may have been the inspiration for a recent spurt of anti-graffiti action in downtown New City. Many of the bridges have been given fresh squares of paint to cover up the countless scribbles, but my beloved dinosaurs are still visible, saved by their perilous location. Apparently no one wants to climb up to the top of the bridge to remove them!

I had to satisfy myself with wandering around the Universities, looking for stickers and other small stuff that is rarely dealt with, since school is in and the students just keep on putting more up. I was searching for one stencil in particular, a burgundy monkey-like face on a white newspaper dispenser thingiemabobber. I took a blurry photo of it a couple months ago, so I was pretty sure I remembered its location. Alas! The dohockeymajig was nowhere to be found.

Small Stuff Small Stuff Small Stuff Small Stuff

Small Stuff Small Stuff Small Stuff

I like smallstuff10.jpg.


There was once a little side street paved with uneven grey stones. As technology improved and the cars demanded better roads, it was covered with a layer of asphalt. As the money disappeared and the people followed it, weeds and brush became the new coating. I did not go very far up this forgotten Memory Lane, for there was nowhere to go: it ended in a pile of dirt and a forest of those thin, prolific trees that pop up when houses fall down.
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