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fissure in sole responsible for U.F.O. failure, black goop noted, cause unclear

This entry has been going nowhere for days, so I'm just going to stuff a meme in it and be done.

Ask me anything within the limits of decency. While I will do my best to fully answer your query, I reserve the right to be evasive.


hypertechie stopped by New City on her journey to the Way Out There Wild West last weekend. It was good to catch up with her again, for the last time we saw each other was way back when at Otakon 2004, where we protected each other from scary locals and Baltihell EMTs who were far too attuned to the presence of high hemlines.


Here's a picture of Earl Grey.

The Couch of Earl

I was carrying a fairly full glass of water through the dim entryway when he leapt out of that nowhere that cats can find anywhere. He scared the hell out of me, which caused me to reflexively jump backwards, and as a result, I dumped a good amount of the liquid on myself and the floor. I bet Earl Grey is downstairs somewhere right now, snickering to himself.

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