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what can be mended

MawMaw, my maternal grandmother, fell yesterday, and likely broke her leg.

There was some sort of fiasco where she waited in the emergency room for four hours, and once she passed through the triage gauntlet, her doctor decided it was a swell time to have a control issue. He said that since she had not followed his plan of care to the letter, she could not be his patient. I'm not sure what kind of ass tells an adorable old injured woman who happens to be in a lot of pain something like that, but apparently he has an established track record of asinine comments. For example, he told her that her medication for high blood pressure would "make her bleed," and she has now decided that it is the problem: she is not taking it.

We are stubborn women, a trait which usually serves us well, but it can sometimes backfire. This particular smooth move on the part of the problematic physician is all the more relevant, for not only does she need morphine for pain control, she is currently in the Cardiac Care unit for untreated high blood pressure and an irregular heartbeat. She is at "high risk" for a stroke. The condition of her leg is unclear at present, for she has metal pins in it and they cannot conduct an MRI.

Though we do not expect this situation to become life-threatening, relatives are gathering in the Hoosier Homeland. I am her only grandchild, so I am packing my backpack and heading out tonight on a seven and a half-hour train ride. Once I arrive in the Soy, my mother will pick me up for a seven and a half car ride to the hospital at the other end of the state.

Anne, signing off.

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