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I wish he were here.

I want to cheer someone up.

I wish to be someone's comfort, someone's constant.

Anyway ... I wanted something perkier and brighter for my journal, but I don't know if something this pink was quite my intention. I tested it out on my Deadjournal, and after looking at it for awhile last night at about four to five a.m., I decided that I'd use it for awhile. ^_^; I seem to be going through another period of rapid journal-color change. I printed out the Ragnarok color scheme so maybe that one will come back sometime.

I wonder if that'll work. If it doesn't, oh well ... anyway, I made icons out of some of my doodles. ^_^ I really like the one of MD, or Manic-Depressive (the default icon), and this one of Emma-Wren Lane, my Factory Default RPG character.

I really need to get back into my RPGs ... I had a question for Mag today, but when I got back to AIM he had logged off. : P Mag, if you read this, please tell me via some form, is Josef's hair kind of like John Travolta's in Pulp Fiction?

I didn't really like Pulp Fiction. It was ok, but ... I dunno. Maybe it'll grow on me if I'm forced to watch it over again. Which I probably won't be, but that's no loss.

Hmm ... what else ...

Oh yes. The more I work on the school paper, the less I look forward to the frickin' job, which will be entirely on my shoulders next year. I learned a lot of things about the school paper's particular styles yesterday, but ... meh. I was there from midnight until about three-fifteen last night. I can't do that every other week. I just can't. I'll die, I really will. Mrrggh ... ::scratches head:: ... but I don't think I can bring it up. I feel really guilty about it. >.> Especially since they've been so nice to me ... and then one of the news editors broke her ankle yesterday. -_-

I'm slowly working my way through things. After this, all major things consist solely of my research paper and finals. I forgot to mention last entry that it was interesting ... during my presentation, my former communications teacher asked me what my goals for my paper were, and amongst them I included that I wished to find a new way to write this paper, a way that included information and yet seemed like a story in which the reader could participate. The teacher then asked me how I thought I could get away with that, and I said that my teacher had pretty much been frightened off and would grade me harshly later. Then (this is the interesting part) one of my classmates, who has read one of my drafts, raised his hand and then defended my methods and the way I structured it. o_o I thought that was really nice of him.

My roommate and I have achieved a new level of disorganization. Piles and boxes attain heights the level of furniture.

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