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No cut for a miracle such as this!


Total Bells Down the Drain: 3,540,000

Lenaburg, Middle of Nowhere Pasta Palace, long the talk of the town, is now completely debt-free. Ziti intends to turn her saving efforts towards generating a giant bank account so that she may receive the Piggy Bank and someday afford the cute little almost-but-not-quite-EGL crown.

Gulliver evaded anti-spacecraft fire on Thursday, marking Ziti's second miss of her favorite spacegull. She had just exited Pasta Palace and was in the midst of watering her turnips when Gulliver flew overhead. Since the mansion is on the end of town, only luck and near-miraculous timing can bring him down. Ziti, possessing neither of these, failed.

So she was feeling quite irate when she ran into Gaston, who recently moved in from erikadoor's town. Gaston is a banana yellow bunny with a gigantic black mustache that murders people when they are not looking. He is Cranky, so Ziti finds him almost impossible to put up with. She took out her net and took out her fury upon him, following him around and thwacking him until she had transferred all her anger, and he became the pissed off one! Since she normally treats all villagers with respect (except when pwning them in fishing contests and the like ... oh, the look on Hopper's face when she slapped him with an extremely rare Arowana! That was not just victory, that was mastery), she found the exercise incredibly theraputic. Gaston spent much of the next day holed up in his ugly home, so hopefully he'll move sometime soon. Ziti intends to administer regular public beatings until he packs his bags.

Villagers clear out their original items when given gifts, so Ziti has been sending Pango lots of random crap in order to trick her into putting her Classic Clock into the town recycle bin. It took two weeks, but now it's Ziti's. Other victories of today are: catching a ladybug for the museum, not getting cursed by Katrina the Fortunetelling Cat, and obtaining Ribbot's picture. Ziti is especially pleased by the last event, as he has become one of her favorite villagers despite being a Jock ... perhaps because he's so ridiculous.
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