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"when bloating becomes convenient," or "two people, two weeks"

I would say that I started the morning acting as slow as molasses in January, but that would be an insult to the molasses, which can actually move pretty fast at that time of year. (Knowledge about the Boston Molasses Disaster is not exactly common in the Midwest, so how the hell did that event get into my brain? I don't really know, but I think I'm going to blame the History Channel.) My pace was probably closer to that of long dead roadkill.

I can train myself to be a morning person, and sometimes my inner clock (and/or Really Special Events and/or Really Uncomfortable Sleeping Arrangements) will actually get my body up in the a.m. of its own accord, but this is not a natural state of affairs. I am a night owl by nature, and once in bed, I love to snuggle down deep into a set of blankets, sleeping as long as possible. I'd probably hibernate during the winter if such a thing was practical.

I dragged myself out of my nest especially early yesterday morning to get blood testing done before work. I arrived in good time, gathered acorns for Cornimer during the inevitable morning rush wait, and when I registered myself with the nurse on hand, she asked me, "So you fasted this morning, right?" Er, what? I was not under the impression that one needed to abstain from food for simple bloodwork. But it was true. Since the doctor had not told me "cholesterol test = no food for 12 hours," the morning struggle to gain consciousness earlier than usual was for naught and I had to repeat the process today.

I'm feeling about as chipper as a moose in a desert climate, which is to say, not at all and what the hell is the moose doing there in the first place anyway?

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