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My winter outerwear is a bit Midwestern in nature, eschewing fashion for the sake of practicality. While you might think I'd look at home in a ski lodge as a result, this is not so, for it merely means that my gear is all the slightly worn around the edges stuff, the warmest things I have found and kept over the years. Nothing matches. Even a blind man could spot me a mile off, for my coat is red and my mittens are teal. My gloves, sometimes layered under the mittens for extra protection against cold, are orange and purple. My favorite wool scarf is a jewel-toned rainbow, and it is not uncommon for me to have a lavender hoodie on underneath my coat ... always with the top up when waiting for buses in winter conditions! (After all, a significant portion of body heat escapes from an unprotected noggin.) It is perhaps most fortunate that the radioactive ear muffs from 2004 are damaged and cannot be worn this year.

At the busway, there are always more people headed towards downtown than go in my direction, and they are almost always impeccably dressed in dark colors and somber coats. I can't decide if I envy their error-free color coordination method, or if I want to laugh because they all look alike ... and there's no nut I know of who looks like me. Perhaps I should make a stronger attempt to control my palette?


I'm still feeling a little like the world wants to kick me when I'm down, but unlike Monday, I am much more inclined to kick right back. Despite that, it is still difficult to speak the lies that I know others expect to hear. I can be quite competent and seem to have a tongue made of silver when I wish to win, but the desire to please with my words has not been with me lately.

The poor old doctor kept on asking me if I felt better on the Lexapro compared to Zoloft. I haven't felt much of a difference at all, so all I could say was the one truth, "I haven't felt as tired." When pressed, I could only repeat it! Change in exhaustion level may or may not be related to switching medication, as it could also be due to yours truly being wired on current events/hormones/chocolate. I kept on getting a feeling that he was hoping for a more dramatic result, but I am not looking for a miracle pill; what I want is to stabilize the state of "okay" so I can work the rest of the way on my own.

Later that afternoon, The Boss asked me how it felt to be a full-fledged employee of Cave Inc. I knew that the proper answer would be something like, "It's so wonderful to be working here full time, blah blah blah, thank you so much for hiring me," but what my mouth came out with was "Surprisingly normal! I felt like I'd be here forever, so it feels just like usual." Smooth, Anne, real smooth.


I tend to name characters after food. FFXI has been the only game where I really avoided the habit, as it had a more "realistic" feel despite being fantasy, and I could not imagine my beloved Parsley without green hair. I recently tried to trace this gimmick back, and I think I have uncovered the mind relic of my first character named after something edible. I remember her hair (five buns!), I recall her coloration (lots of purple, go figure), but I can't recollect what the heck dish I called her, which was pretty much the point of the exercise. I am suspecting some dessert, since her hair really evokes images of cinnamon buns stuck to someone's head, but I am sure that I wouldn't have named her "Cinnamon Bun." Just Cinnamon, maybe? No, doesn't seem quite right. What was it, what was it ...


In my Livejournal youth I once friended everyone who friended me, but in later years, I came to be more selective. If it was someone I knew, they were automatically added. If not, the journal had to be interesting to me in some way, with minimal meme content and similar interests. If I felt we were likely to bump heads more often than not due to political leanings or whatever, then I would not friend whomever back ... I don't come to Livejournal to get pissed off! I hide my "Friend of" list because whether or not a person has been friended is between me and that individual, and does not concern every Livejournal user who wishes to see. That is one of the reasons why people who comment on my community posts with "why haven't you friended me yet?" irritate me. It is a matter just between us, not the community.

The list generally remains stable; it sees an influx of folks after cons or after I post in communities, and many stay with me for years (fourish joined me in ye olde ff7 days, for example). The number on the roster is high enough that if someone adds me without commenting and I am not expecting this, I have to use Marnanel to find out who. People who add me and who are not friended back for whatever reason generally hang around indefinitely, but in the last month there has been a steady trickle of people vanishing. Normally, I do not mind, as my LJ mantra is "keep it drama free!" It is Livejournal, do what you wish, do what makes you happy ... and if it involves leaving me out of it, well, so it goes. But I'm a bit bummed out because the latest was my Manji. My LJ Blade of the Immortal group (if you could call it that, since there were only two of us) is now down to one.


I wound up ordering a pair of boots for a costume online. I am always extremely hesitant to order any sort of shoe via the Internet, as I have flat feet that are difficult to fit both comfortably and attractively. Boots present an additional problem, as I have a knot on my ankle that is small but close to the surface, and it can be quite painful if the ankle of the boot applies pressure to it. But I had a very specific look in mind, and I was not finding anything comparable in New City ... and so to Google I turned. I even spent a little more money to get a lower heel (why a sensible heel costs more than a two inch fashion stiletto, I have not yet figured out), as I find most platforms/hooker shoes really ruin the Lolita look for me. Since I obtained these from a "Western" shoe store, I was very surprised to discover that they have no traction whatsoever. (I forgot that "Western" does not always equal "practical.") I will have to buy some of those little traction-thingers and/or attack the sole with a pair of scissors, or I will be skating around on carpet at the con. Skating + sleep deprivation = potentially very ouchy.

These seem like they'll work, though they're pointier than the pictures online indicated. (Random Anne Fact: I prefer round-toed shoes, and I cry a little on the inside when pointy things come back into fashion.) Amazingly, my space-demanding toes are not cramped! Unfortunately, the grommets for the lacing do run very near the knot, so I will likely have to wear some sort of padding around my one ankle, which will make it look fat ... but comfort in the con environment is important! It seems any boot with front lacing will have this problem, so I'll just have to deal. Excuse my lazy lacing, for I'm probably going to use ribbon for the costume.

I'm thankful I'm not doing this in the month prior to the con, for I have to return this pair. You cannot see it in the picture, but there is a hole in the lace on the right boot, in the corner formed where the leather strip for lacing and top meet. While it doesn't seem to be fraying (the "fabric" has a rather plastic texture to it), I know the hole's presence will drive me nuts ... and should the tongue of the boot slip further to the right, the gap will be easily seen because of the contrasting material I will be wearing beneath it.

Yes, the carpet is ugly. And yes, my tights are freaking awesome. They hurt to look at for too long, which is why I love them so.

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