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05 November 2006 @ 08:32 pm
a simple lesson hard learned  
Now that I am calmer, I can discuss the event without turning into a puddle of frazzled goo. I am very animated when I game, you see, and these emotions can linger, especially when the experience was one that evoked extreme response.

In short: Just because FFXI clearly labels elementals as such does not mean that FFXII will see fit to do the same.

I was exploring the Ogir-Yensa Sandsea area, which is primarily composed of walkways that circle around and connect countless giant oil refineries. It is a very large zone, and I had accomplished quite a bit in my journey. Everyone was level 15 or above, I had made a 40 chain in my battles, and I had obtained more gil and License Points than I really knew quite what to do with. I am a save freak, so the moment Vaan hit his second level in the area, I resolved to return to the save crystal before continuing any further in the area.

I was following my chained battles up a narrow pathway quite close to the zone when I spotted something out of place. It was rather like an orb of light and named after a Salamander. Its health bar was green, which meant that it should not aggro if I passed it, so I continued to fight the small fry on my way to save. It was level 45, anyway, I certainly didn't want to touch it!

Suddenly my party members began to fall. It took only a moment before I realized that something had caused the big ball of fiery hell to kick my ass. Why was this? It had to be an elemental! Yes! That shape, unlimited by bone or flesh! Why had I not understood that before, why had I let its earthly name mislead me!? I could not remember anyone casting magic, but it was too late to wonder who to blame, for death was swift.

When my initial party of Vaan, Penelo and Ashe had fallen, I was allowed to form a second party with the remaining folk. I did this and took off for my life. I still remember being a black mage in FFXI, and I know that should you incite the ire of some monster, there is no hope for you unless you zone. You must run like hell and never, ever look back, not even when you think yourself free of pursuit. And so I fled! Only a few steps more!

When I could see the line indicating where I would be spared, the elemental slept my entire party and killed every last soul.

There's some saying, the precise phrasing of which I cannot remember now, something to the effect of "The first person to use profanity is the first person to have run out of words." I was reduced past that stage into incoherent, wide-eyed (and hopefully muffled) cries of horror. All that time, that progress. Gone! All those levels, all those Licenses, all that money. Never happened!
a wandering expatriate: world of warcraftclockchild on November 6th, 2006 09:03 am (UTC)
Friggin' A.
I am suddenly reminded of a certain WoW experience, where I simply wanted to wait for my party to catch up with me before going into a dungeon. I met a fellow Warlock, albeit from the Horde, and we danced together and told jokes to each other. He left with a kiss and I sat down to wait for my party once again, but the Undead Warlock wasn't gone for long. He smacked me with a Shadowbolt from behind, and before I even realized why I was dying and who was attacking me, I was already up and running, straight into the dungeon before me ... where I died within seconds.

Playing a warlock is awesome, but fighting them is not.

At least I didn't lose anything, I sympathize with your gaming loss. o.o
Thistlethistle_chaser on November 6th, 2006 06:24 pm (UTC)
My LS is talking about nothing but 12 at the moment. That same thing happened to one of them.

Guy: Oh, an ele! First one I've ever seen!
Guy, second later: &$&)~& Someone in my party just cast something, running.
Guy: ...all dead. >