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30 April 2002 @ 10:59 am
I think that honestly was my weirdest Political Science class yet. I was partially asleep and yet not, struggling against a zombie-like state that wanted to swallow me whole. I think I was hallucinating. I kept on seeing things happening, like a hunched up Ruth Bader Ginsburg-lookalike coming into class and our teacher greeting her, then the Ginsburg clone put in a video tape for us to watch the rest of the hour. I thought "damn, that's too good to be true," and sure enough, when I "woke up" after not having been quite asleep there was no Supreme Court Justice doppleganger and our teacher was still babbling on about civil rights or something.


My throat feels all bloody ... mmrrrgh ...
Current Mood: draineddrained
Current Music: "Dream - My Will," Inu-Yasha