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I was predicting that ngmaster would saddle me with a letter like X, or maybe W, but he gave me ...

Things I Like That Begin With L (And because I have to make things more complicated, a brief why!)
Though L is not as easy as the letter P (prinnies, penguins, platypuses and paint chips for example) nor as cruel as Z, I still had to think about it, because things that I do not really care one way or the other about but which have catchy words to describe them kept on popping into my head (like llamas, Limbo and Linux), which made the listing process difficult.

1. Light and lights I am especially fond of the intense quality of sunlight right after a storm or in the late afternoon. One reason out of many that I love the holidays is because of the multitude of lights that springs up on every surface. Because I am nearsighted, I can transform all those tiny Christmas lights into actual glowing sparkles by merely removing my glasses! This reminds me of a story in which we once decorated the family Christmas tree with approximately 1,600 white bulbs. Because there were so many lights, the tree could do dual duty as a lamp! It was rather painful to look at when at its brightest, so we had to install a dimmer switch on it to make it more bearable. It was lovely once we were physically able to do more than glance!

2. Lake Michigan I first visited the shores of northern Lake Michigan at the tender age of three or four, and the place has left an indelible impression upon me. I hope someday to return to the Kestelwoods campground, Traverse City, the Leelanau Peninsula, and a variety of secluded bays that hopefully are still as quiet as they once were ... but this time, with my friends. Though it has been many years since I have had the time or the money to return to the area, I remember many scenes with strange clarity ... the rocky beach where sometimes, the grey stones would crack open to reveal pink shells inside, rain, the cold spring water of the Pine River, a fascination with the movement of sand dunes, rain, a temperature drop so severe my breath became condensation in my tent, which in turn got me wet which meant that I could not get warm no matter what I did, sleeping in the van while it was parked in a national forest, rain, fudge, the white plastic bucket with rainbow hearts known as the "rock bucket" which was never enough and so my pockets got full of rocks too, and on and on and on.

3. Left-handedness "If the right side of the brain controls the left side of the body, then only left-handed people are in their right minds." Though my sanity may be in dispute, my southpaw tendencies are generally not. I do everything but use scissors and play tennis with my left hand. In first grade or so, I grew tired with the low quality of the left-handed scissors the school provided for us, as they ripped and tore rather than actually cut. I trained myself to use scissors with my right hand, and I have not been able to reverse the process since. I learned how to play tennis in gym class, which was (predictably) a disaster. As I was one of very few lefties in the class, we were first taught to hold the racquet with our right hands, and then later told to use our natural side instead. This wound up being inexplicably, profoundly confusing for my body, and I forever switched back and forth between hands and attained skill with neither. Oh well. Ping pong was more my forte, anyway!

4. Link It is thanks to Link, the Hero of Time in his various incarnations, that I am a gamer. It is as Link that I first learned how to button mash, how to draw a sword and slay my enemy before he throttled me, how to run into trees and walls, and how to run screaming for my life. Thus I could not let this list pass without mentioning him! My guilty secret is that I have never actually beaten "Link to the Past," though it is the game that hooked me into the hobby. I have played it multiple times, and yet for some reason (probably because my technique is lame), I persist in getting stuck in spots that are progressively further in the plot, yet still nowhere close to the end. I swear that one day, not only shall I complete the challenge that remains before me ... I shall live to see someone cosplay an awesome Pink Bunny Link.

5. Layers While I do appreciate layers of complexity, this in particular refers to multiple pieces of clothing. I am always wearing layers, even in the worst heat of summer. For many years, it was difficult to find me without this particular Red Sweater that had a strange textured weave to it and two pockets on the front. I wore it and wore it until the seams at the shoulders began to gave way, and until the cuffs became marked with oil paint, whereupon my relatives finally decided that I looked too shabby and purchased a new Red Sweater to replace it. Having recently picked up a fondness for hoodies, I have donned neither the old nor the new in quite some time, but still have both.

6. Language The English tongue is the only one I can manipulate with any proficiency, so I am always very impressed by people who can speak or read more! This may seem strange, but I did take four years of Latin in high school ... I considered that class such a horrific waste of time and yet was so paranoid about my grade in it, I actually had nightmares about it. I chose Latin over Spanish, French and German in order to raise my verbal SAT score, but as I only took the SAT twice (once in eighth grade, and then once again as a senior), I never noticed a difference. I did escape the course with a small four inch statuette, one of the highest grades in the class, and cum laude on some national Latin exam thingie. Alas, despite those achievements, I only remember how to tell students to shut up. I think I can also say "Look! Hamster!", but as I looked that up on my own in a book, it's probably grammatically incorrect. I contend that a reason for the collapse of the Roman Empire was the poor quality of their bread, for at one point, a classmate and I attempted to recreate Roman receipes, and were horrified to learn that some types contained lard. It is also thanks to Latin class that I learned why pine nuts are called such.

7. Lava I've had a passion for volcanoes since I was little, and I was particularly interested in what I referred to as "hot flowing" lava, also known in Hawaii as pahoehoe. I always feel this terrific awe when I read about the formation of different sorts of volcanoes, the types of eruptions and even the great tragedies that have occurred as humanity moved into their rich but risky shadows.

8. Legwarmers Now that I am no longer in ballet, I haven't much of an excuse to wear them, but I retain a strange love for them nonetheless ... particularly if they have stripes.

9. Larsa Larsa Ferrinas Solidor, fourth and youngest son of the emperor of Arkadia. Though I find both of the two Solidor siblings we meet in game fascinating, the little dude is, so far, my favorite in the game. While he joins the party on occasion, it is a great pity that he is always a guest and never stays permanently! He's such an upright, precocious, intelligent idealist for his age ... and while he may be more mature than some of the souls he sometimes accompanies (Vaan), you can tell that he's still a child. How else can I explain the green stockings ...?

10. Little things Clearly, I am struggling now to complete this list. In general, I have always been fascinated by miniatures, and prefer smaller objects over larger ones. Perhaps I like to marvel at the skill displayed in such tiny items? Once upon a time I used to collect minute, white-painted wire versions of wicker furniture. That habit has long fallen away (as has the soap collection), but the fondness for small things remains.


If there are saints or deities in this cosplay realm, they need to swoop in and save me or give me the strength to resist the dark ideas that are boiling in the back of my mind. Lately, I have found myself thinking things like, "You know, I bet that that material that hypertechie got me could be used for Ashe's armor ... shit! No! I'm not going to do that! ... hmmm, that white material I have could work ... no, no! I bought that for Roslyn! But there would be no padding necessary on either end ... no, there are going to be many, many Ashes soon enough. Ashii? Or is Ashe the plural of Ashe, like moose ...? But wait, it's not like I've cared whether there were a ton or not before, I do what I want when I want to, although at the rate I work that doesn't mean much ... no, it's just a bad idea, a bad idea, a bad idea, the outfit is silly and impractical. I could probably build the top off a strapless bra, maybe? ... oh, dammit!"


Happy birthday, a wee bit early, to two of my favorite people in the world: erikadoor and nyxdae!

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