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In one of those quirks of my existence, whenever carpet installation men (I have never seen a woman in that field) are working somewhere around me, at least one of them will try to ask me out in one fashion or another. This one was fairly cute and not twice my age, which was a relief, though his method of approach was a bit on the bureaucratic side: he asked my supervisor if he could talk to me. Thankfully, Mrs. Midboss is no fool in these matters, and said that while he could say hello, there could be and would be no more. She later took me aside and told me that one of the "young fellows" had been "admiring" me. I started laughing.

Why do the unfortunate carpet dudes persist in liking me? I suspect it is because I recognize them as human beings. Having taken out carpet myself, I respect those who engage in that profession. I do not ignore them or pretend that they are not there, like a lot of folks in the office do. All I ever do, however, is greet them and then move on. I never engage in small talk, and I never stop to chat with them or learn more about them - in short, as far as I'm concerned, I give no sign of interest.

Yet they always seem to take a simple nod or salutation as a sign that I must want them, that they have a Chance. Sorry, it will forever be a no go, dudes. I like my guys to have more imagination and brains than you seem to possess.


To the code gurus on my friends page, I have a question to ask of ye: what kind of photo galleries with an easy user interface are out there? (I pray that there are some which are also relatively simple to install, because this is me we are talking about ... my coding capability is wimpy). My family takes a lot of photographs that they want to put online to share with others. I'm looking to add automation to this process so my mother doesn't have to call me to edit pages every time she wants to add a picture, while my mother is looking for something that's not hard to learn and that lets her put descriptions on photos. Coppermine was not a success. Any other ideas?

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