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I gotta get me outta here!

I love the Gorons more than the Zora (but not as much as the silly Deku), because they seem so very huggable for being people made out of stone. If I had teeth that could carve through rocks as they do, I always imagined marble to have a very smooth texture, but not as pleasantly velvety and as cold as clay. Granite seemed to me to be a very quality, pricey dish full of many flavors. I was never sure where limestone stood on the taste scale ... perhaps it would depend entirely on the application. Today, I would probably be gnawing on some concrete, which would be the equivalent of hard pretzels.

On my way home, a lady fell off the bus. Well, as the vehicle had come to a complete stop, I should probably say that she tripped while disembarking. My first thought was not "is she all right?" nor "I wonder what happened?" No, what popped into my brain was how the sound she produced as she tumbled sounded remarkably like the squawk of a distressed chicken. The similarity was so striking to me, had her shriek been an octave higher, I probably would have wondered who the hell was keeping fowl in the city.

months months months

That duck (from October) will eat your soul. I wish the girl had come out in better focus in the second, for then it would have been perfect! But I'm never going to get that shot again, so I might as well not fuss over it. And finally, the third shot is good evidence why going into downtown Chicago on Black Friday is a task only for the determined or the crazy (and as there were Godiva chocolate covered strawberries at the end of my family's path, we were both).

I have so much to do and my day is already gone! I've been having such a problem with oversleeping in the mornings that I have sworn to go to bed at an unreasonably early hour for at least a week, to see if that will help correct the bad habit. The next step will be moving my alarm clock ... somewhere.
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