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It's not that I dislike winter. I just hate being cold all the time! My photography thus slows down during these night months, for not only is it freezing outdoors, daylight is well over with by the hour I leave work, and I would usually much rather stay cozy somewhere inside on the weekends. But for some reason, I decided to take my camera with me today as I braved December for the sake of chores. I can't manipulate anything in mittens, so I grabbed a pair of cheap gloves and cut the tips off, hoping that I would be able to use the camera and still be able to feel my digits. In practice, I predictably retained sensation in the palms but had to resort to frequent hands-in-pockets sessions to restore any feeling in my fingers.

Quite Cold Quite Cold Quite Cold Quite Cold

Quite Cold Quite Cold

I remain baffled by New City's utter lack of a "storm ready" attitude.
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