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because "smart" is not what we do

Shockers don't usually happen by Tuesday, but a bomb has been dropped that everybody deserves to know about because ya'll have suffered through my overwrought tirades more than once! Guess what: I am not PMSing. There is no excess of pointless rage, no helpless, hair-wringing futile stressing. I haven't had persistent thoughts of hatred or disgust for general stupidity. I am still rather prone to feeling weepy, but overall, I am pretty damn mellow and more or less in control of myself and my tongue. This lack of hormonal mental convolutions and convulsions is nothing short of amazing! If that kind of pill controls the horrible cramping so I can walk and this kind of pill controls at least part of whatever it is that causes PMS so I can talk, I gain an entire week of productivity/normalcy every month. Doods, this freaking rocks.


Mrs. No-Non: So Anne, when are you going to let me shave your eyebrows?
Me: Probably never!


Though sometimes it seems plans are made to be ruined, "it" will work out. It will work out. I like to think that I grow a little stronger with nearly each passing day. You can test and burden me as I am now, but you cannot beat me. When opportunity finally presents itself, I will move on.

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